Chapter 1424 Everything Is Going smoothly

Capital Hua.

On one hand, John was pressuring him, and on the other, Yvonne was pressuring him. On the other hand, even if Lawrence did not want his liver, he still had his sister’s attitude. Two days later, Silas Yin could no longer hold on.

He had compromised and agreed to Yvonne’s request...

After that, the shares of the Yeager family were divided into two. However, it was changed from fifty-fifty to forty-six by Yvonne. He took six, and Yvonne took four.

On the surface, Yvonne seemed to have suffered a little loss, but her 10% concession finally made Silas sign the operation form three days later.

After that, everything went as planned.

The surgery was very successful. Although it was not a gift from a relative, Lawrence reacted very well after the surgery, and his vital signs gradually improved.

Molly was the happiest. When she came to see her brother every day, the smile on her face was also the most brilliant...

In order to save her brother, she had lost everything she w
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