Chapter 1425 You Heartless People

Her heart swelled and her nose grew sour. “All of you don’t care about my feelings at all. You’re heartless...”

"Sister, I still have a conscience..."

She knew that her sister would feel uncomfortable, so the mistress didn't mention it for a few days and kept it until now.

He also said, "I am a man who will be a diplomatic ambassador in the future. If I stay at home alone, how can I see the world?"

"But, how can I rest assured when you're outside alone? Chloe at least have..."

At least she had Jordan.

Even if her sister did not finish her words, Holly knew what she was going to say. She smiled, but he did not take it seriously. "She's a girl, and I'm a man!"

"In my eyes, they are all children..."

Of course, Howard understood this, so she smiled casually and said, "If you're so worried about me, you can come and see me often. When I'm not busy with class, I'll come back..."

Speaking of this, he seemed to be afraid that his sister would feel uncomfortable, so he added, "And, I k
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