Chapter 4 What Do You Want Me To Do?

He felt like there was a thorn in his heart.

Was he being ignored by this woman after being abandoned?

He was pissed!

John looked at her imposingly and said coldly, “Let’s go.”

“Go? T-Then…”

Greg pointed at the woman who was asleep on the sofa assigned for guests. “There’s no one in the office now. I don’t think it’s a good idea leaving her here alone.”

Why was it not a good idea?

He wanted to say that, but just as he was about to say it, he changed his mind. The man’s eyes darkened. “Right. It would be bad if something were to go missing.”

Greg, “...”

He did not mean that, but before he could say it, he saw the president doing something that he never expected to see .

The president walked over and lifted up Miss Snowden. He was carrying her bridal style!

Greg thought that he must have been going blind.

He watched him carry the woman downstairs and gently place that woman in the backseat of his car. Greg could not recover from what he just saw.

His intuition was right. Miss Snowden was a godly exception to the president.

Being a surgeon was a tiring job, and, as a houseman, Natalie had to work overtime for a whole month. It was super intense. She finally got her break, but instead of resting at home, she had to wait for someone here.

It was fine when it was still office hours as at least there would be people walking around in front of her. However, everyone left after work, and Natalie got so bored sitting there alone that she started to fall asleep.

She felt like she was being carried gently in her dreams.

His arms were strong and she felt warm being carried by him. He…

In a split second, Natalie sat up. While in a daze, she searched for the office door that was originally opposite to her when she had lay down.

Um, where was the door?

Her brain was not working since she had just woke up. After getting her bearings , she realized she was in a car.

Wasn’t she in John’s office waiting for him to come see her?

Why was she in a car? Whose car was this? How did she get here?

Alarm bells were ringing in her brain. She almost reflexively punched John when he leaned closer to her.

Her wrist was gripped tightly, and John’s domineering aura enveloped her. “You’re so crude, woman.”

That voice…

She turned her head robotically and the first thing she saw was his large hand. His fingers were long and straight. They looked pretty. It was like he did not use any strength as he held her wrist.

She might have never seen such a beautiful hand in her life, and Natalie simpled stared at his hand for a long while, dazed. Then, she slowly shifted her gaze to his face.

After awakening from her dazed state, she grabbed his icy finger after turning her wrist. “Mr. Winters, please have mercy on me.”

When he heard that, the man scoffed. “Have mercy on you? What did I do to you?”

“My brother was still young. He’s going to junior high soon. He can’t be without an education.”

After she said that, Natalie blushed. She had been holding it in for a long time, so finally, she said, “I know my attitude was horrible that day. I sincerely apologize.”

“Just an apology?”

“Then, what do you want me to do?”

The frosty man was expressionless. He pushed away from her hand that was holding his and said absent-mindedly, “You’re so smart, you should know.”

He did not want to get a divorce?

Natalie’s expression changed. However, she still bit the bullet and said, “Anything except for that.”


The frigid man shifted his gaze and peered at her mischievously, “What if I ask you to sleep with me?”

Natalie, “...”

Perhaps her expression was too exaggerated, but the man’s eyes became even darker. He even said shamelessly, “If you make me feel good, I’ll let you go.”

After hearing that, Natalie’s pleading expression changed. She gritted her teeth as she looked into his dark eyes, then she balled her hands momentarilly before relaxing her grip. Then she balled them again.

Was she mad?

He looked at her expression curiously before smirking. “Why are you making such an expression? You’re not a virgin anyway.”

She could not tolerate this!

Natalie relaxed her fists and slapped his handsome face. However, just when her hand was about to come into contact with his face, it was stopped once again.

This was the second time he was holding her wrist. John was talking to her nicely, but now, he was as stern as Asura. “If you dare to hit me again, I’ll take back the condition I just proposed. If that happens, your top student brother will never be able to study in any school ever again.”

How should she describe her feelings now?

After what he did to her at the hospital that day, Natali had officially been categorized John Winters as trash . However, she did not expect him to be even more devious than she that.

“You’re shameless!”

She screamed at him in anger. However, the man did not even flinch. He smirked. “Do you know what happened to the last person who yelled at me?”

“I told you my relationship with Old Master Winters was not like that. Why don't you believe me?”

“What can you do to make me believe you?”

When he spoke about this, a fire burned in John’s heart. He just wanted her to listen to him; he would not make things difficult for her. However, he did not expect…

“I just left and you’re meeting my grandpa in secret. Why? Are you complaining about me to him?”

What did he mean by secret meeting?

Old Master Winters went to the hospital to look for her. However, he was doing that openly. Why did it become so unbearable when he was the one saying it?

She pulled her hand free from his grip. At that moment, Natalie chuckled coldly. “So, you’re afraid of this.”

John, “...”

“Thank you for reminding me! I didn’t want to go trouble Old Master Winters, but now it looks like I need to go and complain about you.”

After he heard that, John’s pupils constricted. “Don’t you dare.”

“I don’t dare to!”

She yelled provokingly as she yanked her hand back. Then, she said to Greg, who was driving the car, “Stop the car! I want to get down.”

When Greg stopped the car, Natalie had already opened the door. However, before her foot could touch the ground, her arm was pulled back by someone.

A powerful force dragged her back into the car. When the door closed, Natalie fell into his arms.

Her back was pressed against his firm chest, and she shrunk her body out of habit. Her actions while in his arms were docile, as though she were a shocked rabbit.

There was this side to this feisty woman too. John lowered his eyes and looked at the woman in his arms.

From where he stood, he could see her earlobes that were like pearls.

Natalie was fair, almost translucent. Moreover, she was wearing a deep blue blouse the color of the ocean. This only accentuated her smooth cream-colored skin. The scene in front of him dazzled him.

Instantly, his body felt hot.

While feeling the change in the man’s body behind her, Natalie blushed. After all, she was a doctor, so she could definitely detect a healthy man behind her.

At that moment, she was frozen; she did not dare to move.

Perhaps her reaction was not what John expected, and he smirked. Then, he placed his right hand which was initially holding her hand onto her waist.

With a slight force, Natalie was pressed onto the backseat of the car.

John was supporting himself up while being on top of the woman. He looked at her coldly.

A pair of dark eyes locked onto her delicate face, like black agates in the pond of heaven. Her youthful scent was overpowering as it invaded his nostrils.

However, this was not the smell of perfume, it was the natural scent of a young lady. In such a cramped space, her scent tugged at John’s heartstrings.
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Christine M
I’m confused… the beginning story said she lost her virginity to the main character and then it says she lost it to her ex..? Was I reading it wrong..?
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seems like all men want to sleep with whoever they see

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