Chapter 5 Is It Fun Bullying Me?

While she was being pressed under him, Natalie’s fair skin started to change rapidly.

Her skin was originally fair. It was the kind that was naturally pristine and dewy. If she were in a crowd, one could recognize her just from her fairness.

At this moment, her face turned from snow white to pale pink.

This cute color was the color of a young lady’s shyness. She was only like this because of this dangerous man on top of her.

At that moment, her beautiful black eyes were like the abyss. They were wide open from fear, her eyes reflecting his lustful face. He lowered his head next to hers and asked hoarsely, “Where do you think you’re going? Hm?”

He was on top and she was on the bottom.

The foreign scent of this man hit her skin along with his hot breath. Natalie’s closed her eyes and curled up nervously.

She turned her face away and did not dare to look at him. “You… Let go of me.”

“What are you hiding from?”

After saying that, he pinched her chin and turned her head back to face him.

When their eyes met, they glistened brightly. It was like he needed her to be even more afraid. He lowered his head and got extremely close to her. “I thought you weren't afraid of me. Didn’t you want to go and complain about me?”

Not afraid of him?

How could she not be afraid of him?

In reality, when he got closer to her, it would be difficult for her to breathe. He still did not recognize her. However, in her memory, that night was like a nightmare. For all these years, she tried her best to forget what happened that day. However, the more she tried to forget, the more she remembered.

Thus, when she was in the same position again, what happened back then flashed across her eyes.

She was scared. She was extremely scared of him.

She was scared that he would hurt her just like he did before. She was afraid that he would transform into that handsome devil again. However, after interacting with him a few times, she slowly began to understand this man.

She suppressed the fear in her heart and lay there, looking at him. “Don’t you hate me? Why are you doing this?”


John did not say anything. He narrowed his sharp eyes.

When she saw his reaction, Natalie scoffed. “Since you hate me so much, why did you marry me? Is it fun toying with me?”

“Toying with you?”

His face became bigger in front of her. Their breaths were intertwined in an extremely amorous manner. “Do you think I’m playing with you?”

He emphasized the word ‘play’.

After he said that, it seemed like the man wanted to check something. His calloused hand traveled down from her waist to her long and supple leg.

Her skin felt like silk under his fingers. John was usually indifferent, but at this moment, he could not help but get affected by this.

His fingers that were previously on her leg were now on her firm butt.

When he touched her, Natalie’s body tensed up. “What are you doing?”

She freaked out and grabbed his venturing hand that was growing increasingly bolder . The fear in her eyes was at its peak. “Are you insane? There’s someone in the car.”


After acknowledging this, the man’s piercing gaze landed on Greg, who was in the driver’s seat. “Get out.”

When the chaos erupted in the backseat, Greg was put in an awkward position. He had tried his best to keep looking forward, so after he got the order to get out of the car, he was extremely glad. However…

What would happen to Miss Snowden if he got out of the car?

This kind of situation…

Therefore, he was reluctant to do so. Hence, before getting out of the car, Greg said weakly, “President, t-this is not right.”

After he heard this, the man smirked and lifted his eyebrows deviously. “I don’t mind If you want to stay.”

Of course, he would not dare to do so.

Greg gulped and then got out of the car without saying anything.

“Don’t…" Go.

Natalie could not stop herself from calling out for help as she watched her last chance of safety leave. However, before she could say the last word, her mouth was covered by a hand.

Next, her body was pressed down. After putting half of his body weight on her, he whispered hotly into her ear.

His voice was soft. “Did you forget that you’re my wife? Everything I’m about to do to you is right.”

He was so close to her that his breath was directly blew against her ear. Natalie’s ears were sensitive, so when he teased her like this, she writhed underneath him. “This is one-sided. I don’t even want to marry you.”

The man was amused by her behavior that was birthed from her fear. At that moment, John’s eyes darkened. “It doesn’t matter if it’s one-sided or mutual. At the end of the day, you’re my wife, and you should perform your duties.”

“I don’t want to!”


The frigid man raised his eyebrow before saying coldly. “You don’t have the right to say no.”

“I… Ugh…”

She wanted to struggle. However, she swallowed her words before she could say anything.

Her hands that were struggling were being held on top of her head by him. She could not move at all. In the midst of her panic, Natalie could only let out muffled groans.

Meanwhile, it was like he was purposely humiliating her. Not only was he domineering, his actions were also extremely rough.

He was so crude!

He was not kissing her, it was more like he was biting.

She felt humiliated. Thus, she stopped struggling and decided to just let him do whatever he wanted. The corners of Natalie’s eyes felt cold as she let her tears start to flow out of her eyes like open taps. She could not stop them no matter how hard she tried.

He did not plan to kiss her.

He just wanted to scare her and threaten her. However, for some reason, his body was not listening to his brain. After coming into contact with her lips, its softness short-circuited his brain.

This was the second time he had experienced this feeling after the ‘accident’ eight years ago. The strange familiarity coursed through him like a wave.

John closed his eyes and decided to probe further. He deepened his kiss.

He just wanted to search for the root of that familiarity. Even so, he stopped when he tasted saltiness on his tongue.


When he noticed this, John’s stone-cold heart skipped a beat. His lips immediately removed themself from hers.

The first thing he saw was Natalie’s crying face. That pitiful look was incredibly attractive, so attractive that even a cold hearted man like John Winters was starting to feel moved.

“What are you crying for?”

Upon hearing that, more tears streamed down her cheeks. She was sobbing, and yet, she was still arrogant. “Are you pleased with yourself when you bully me?”


An unfamiliar feeling started to swell from the bottom of his heart.

He did not know what this feeling was . Nevertheless, he felt sorry for her.


Why did he feel sorry because of this woman’s tears?

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