Chapter 7 Bastard. What A Huge Bastard!

This woman was feisty indeed. However, when it came to matters related to her brother, she would become an angry bunny. This was so interesting!

John was not a man with weird interests, however, for some reason he enjoyed watching her getting angry.

That feeling was like when he teased his daughter’s pet dog at home. But comparing this to teasing a dog, he deviously felt that teasing her was more fun.

He chuckled lightly and lifted her sharp chin with his long and slim finger. “He’s my brother-in-law. Why would I want to hurt him?”


She was so mad that she was trembling all over. Natalie gritted her teeth as she said, “You’re a man. Is it fun bullying me like this?”

“Of course.”

He did not feel pressured to answer this kind of question.

The way he looked so at ease was just disgusting. Natalie’s teeth were almost being crushed into powder from her gritting. Yet, she could not do anything to him. “John Winters!”

She called out his name warningly. She stopped at each syllable and yet, this kind of threat meant nothing to John.

He felt that this was getting more interesting instead. So…

He deliberately got closer to her again. His lips reached her ear, and he said softly in a tone like a flirtatious moan, “Don’t you think that it’s a little strange calling me that? Be a dear and call me honey.”

Her heart skipped a beat.

She felt as if she was being electrocuted. Her whole body felt numb.

At that moment, Natalie’s face that was red from anger turned purple.

“You psycho!”

Natalie pushed him away with a guilty conscience. Just as if she was about to turn and run away, John said coldly, “I advise you to be more cooperative in front of my grandpa, if not, you would have to bear the consequences.”

When she heard that, Natalie clenched her fists tightly.

She wanted so badly to fight back, but he was using her brother to threaten her. How could she not compromise? So, when they were back at the table, Natalie gave up all thoughts of asking Old Master Winters for help.

Old Master Winters was wise. Just one look at them, he could tell that there was a state of mutual hostility beneath the surface. He knew what was going on.

However, there was one thing that he just had to make sure. “Are you two really married?”


“I’m not asking you. I’m asking Dr. Snowden.”

She was being called out, so she could not hide anymore. She could only nod reluctantly, “Yes.”

When he saw this, Old Master Winters peered at his grandson and then slammed his chopsticks down on the table. He walked away without even eating his food.

Natalie did not know what to feel when she saw the old man walking away in anger.

“Are you happy?”


He had the cheek to nod. Natalie’s anger was over the roof over suppressing it for the whole day. She stood up and said angrily, “John Winters, you have the worst demeanor that I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re flattering me.”

Natalie, “...”

He was such an unreasonable man and she wanted so, so much to scratch his face. She really wanted to…

She lifted her claws, but in the end, Natalie retracted them cowardly. Once again, she left angrily. When she got back home and saw her brother safe and sound eating instant noodles, she realized that she had been fooled.

He did not ask someone to look for her brother after all.

Bastard! Bastard! What a huge bastard!

Howard Snowden was only 12 years old and was a sixth-grader in primary school. He was dependent on his sister after their parents died when he was four.

His sister was studying while working so she did not have much time to take care of him. Hence, Howard had learned how to cook some quick meals to fill his stomach. He made noodles today and he was almost finishing up when his sister got home.

He lifted his head to look at his sister. His eyes darkened when he saw the redness around her eyes.

“Sis, what happened to you?”

His voice had not broken yet, so it sounded pristine and clear. When he called out to her, Natalie came back to her senses.

She looked at her brother while feeling embarrassed and said, “Nothing.”

“You don’t look so good. Are you sick?”

“No, I’ve been working overtime a lot lately. Maybe I’m just a little bit tired.”

Hearing that, Howard swallowed his last bite of noodles and said quietly, “Sis, starting from tomorrow, I’m not going to school anymore.”

“What? Why not?”

Howard looked at her calmly. He did not try to hide away from her eyes. “A very handsome big brother came to look for me at home.”

Natalie, “...”

So, Greg was here, but he did not do anything to her brother.

That bastard!

He saw his sister’s face had turned pale and she was speechless, Howard took out an old envelope from his bag and handed it to her. He smiled as he said, “Sis, this is the money I’ve earned this month.”


Natalie did not know how to react. However, when she looked at her brother’s serious face, she opened the envelope quickly and saw that there were 2000 bucks in cash.

At that moment, Natalie’s pallor face turned grey. “What did you do? Where did this money come from?”

“I earned it.”

“How old are you? How did you get so much money?”

Howard put away his used bowl skillfully and explained as if he was very familiar with this matter. “I tutored my classmates, helped them with their homework, helped them with their essays, helped them to buy things, run errands, etc. I earned my money lawfully. Just use this without worries, sis.”

“No way. Don’t do this again. You’re just a primary school student. Plus, you’re going to junior high next year. This will affect your studies.”

When he heard that, Howard’s hands that were cleaning up the dishes froze. He stopped in his tracks for a while before saying, “I can’t go to junior high anyway.”

Natalie, “...”

Her face was dark the entire time, but when she heard that, she looked like a dead person.

Perhaps he had noticed her reaction, Howard ran over and hugged her tightly. “Sis, don’t worry. I have actually self-studied until the second-year level in junior high. Even if I can’t go to school, I can study at home too. I can definitely qualify for university.”

When he said that, he remembered something. He paused before asking, “Does this mean those people won’t be able to stop me when I’m in university?”

Natalie could not hold it in anymore after she heard that. Tears rolled down her ashen face.

His sister who never complained about any hardship was crying.

Howard was terrified and his face turned pale in color. He started to clumsily wipe his sister’s face with his hands. “Sis, don’t cry! I’ll be fine. I can self-study. Really.”

She believed in her brother and she also believed that he could do it. However, it was one thing for him to not want to attend school, and it was another thing for him to not be able to attend school. Her brother was a genius. If he could not attend school because of this, it would be such a grievance.

So, did it mean that she had to…

Beg him again?

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