Chapter 9 Wait, I Haven't Showered

This woman was not obedient at all, and surprisingly, he was in the mood.

Even though he did not know why he felt so excited when he saw her, but still, he could not help but touch her face with his hand.

Her skin felt silky and smooth, like bean curd under his fingertips.

He could not resist caressing her face. Just as he was about to advance further, she slapped his hand away and retorted, “Don’t get dissatisfied with small gains. I will never do that kind of thing.”

Her answer was unsurprising, but for some reason, it caused him to smile slightly. There was a hint of frivolousness on his expressionless face. “Why not?”

After he asked that, his calloused finger landed on her lips. While he was caressing them, he lifted his eyebrows and asked, “Or do you want me to do it instead?”

Him. To. Do. It. Instead!

Those five words struck down like four claps of thunder on Natalie’s heart. She recalled what happened when he did it himself at the hospital and she lifted her head instead of hiding away from his gaze.

Their eyes met and it seemed like there were crystalline waves in the man’s eyes. They were like the ripples in her heart.

His cold features looked like they were chiseled skilfully by a knife.

His features were stone cold and there was a slight hint of coldness on him that only existed in the sons from prestigious families. His face looked unapproachable no matter from which angle. Despite that, there was a charming temperament to him that would intoxicate people.

The man was handsome and sexy. The idea of escaping was almost eliminated in her head.

At that moment, a water droplet trickled down between his eyes and fell onto her face.

In that instance, her heart pounded extremely fast. She could not stop it no matter how hard she tried.

It was like she was under a spell. She should be feisty but now she was being tamed.

There was not a slight hint of hesitation nor fear in her eyes even when he carried her to the bed.

But the more she behaved like this, the colder John’s heart became. It was not worth it for him to treat a woman gently who would exchange her body for things. But…

The woman’s skin was so fair! It was so fair that it was almost glowing.

Especially when she was lying underneath him weakly and frailly. The stoic John Winters could not help feeling restless and capricious.

Actually, after removing her loose and oversized casual clothing, Natalie was still wearing her undergarments.

Men were visual creatures by nature, and such half-nakedness served to be a stronger stimulus. John tried to move his eyes away from her a few times after taking in several deep breaths. But after a few attempts, his gaze would move back to her again.

His blood was boiling once again!

Staring at her soft and supple bosom and its wonderful size that could not be held with one hand, he suddenly pounced on her, deciding that he did not want to hold in his desires anymore.

His large hand grabbed her slender waist.

This was the second time that they were so intimate with each other. He did not remember her, but she did.

What happened eight years ago replayed like a movie in front of Natalie’s eyes. Her hand gripped the bedsheet under her subconsciously.

She looked at him and felt a helpless sense of nervousness in her.

After that incident, she had never expected that this would happen again with him. Suddenly, she said, “Wait, I-I haven’t showered yet.” What a killjoy.

Natalie regretted her words immediately.

It was such a dumb excuse.

“Perhaps we should shower together.”

Just as she was feeling stupid, he replied something shocking.

This kind of sweet talk was just nice for the moment, but at the same time, it would tickle the softest spot in one’s heart. Natalie blushed and looked at the god-like man with her mouth slightly opened. After a long while, her brain was still a puddle of mush.

Looking at her ajar mouth, the red lips were so inviting, and he involuntarily moaned in silence. So, this was what a natural extraordinarily beautiful woman looked like.

No wonder his grandpa was unable to control himself with this woman.

When he thought about this, an unknown emotion suddenly rushed into his heart. John abruptly leaned down and lowered his head to firmly kiss her on the lips.

He was unrestrained and overbearing. He was coming in strong with a fiery passion. Natalie instantly lost all of her rationality.

Both her hands were forced to circle around his neck.

Her fingers trembled and felt burnt upon touching his hot skin.

It had been eight years. She thought she had forgotten the past, but he triggered all of her memories and it was all coming back to her.

She was scared. She was so scared that she wanted to escape.

However, the more she wanted to do that, the deeper he kissed her.

At that moment, she could feel that he truly wanted her. But there was no love, only desire, and lust. It was the kind of sexual desire that a normal man would feel for a woman.

She felt a stab in her heart.

The slight pain in her heart caused her to pause for a moment because if she ran away, Howie’s future would be destroyed.

No, she could not.

She clenched her hands tightly. Natalie closed her eyes after accepting her fate. She allowed him to kiss her deeper and with more passion.

She was like an olive, green, and astringent. John had only just wanted to taste her half-heartedly, but after kissing her, a malicious fire flared up in him.

His eyes were red when he abruptly let go of her lips.

He pressed his forehead and nose against hers. “I’m giving you one last chance. Do you want me to continue or stop?”

She wanted very much to ask him if he would let her go if she said she wanted to leave? And after she left, would he make things difficult for her brother?

However, she swallowed her words as it almost escaped her lips.

She would be stupid if she was still asking such questions at a time like this.

She circled her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes without any hesitation. “I hope you’ll keep your promise after we’re done with this.”

John’s face fell hearing her words.

His eyes were as cold as ice as he looked at her. “So, you can sleep with any man to achieve your goal?”

She shook her head. “Aren’t we married? You’re not just any man.”

He did not expect this answer from her. John was stunned for a split second but it went away quickly.

He chuckled. There was ridicule on his face.

“I feel so honored.”

As he suppressed his desire, his voice became deep and hoarse. Natalie’s breathing slowed down when she looked into his eyes that lacked warmth.

What a clever woman. She knew how to loosen the reins only to grasp him better.

Did she think that she could be Mrs. Winters if she gave him her body?

She’s absolutely delusional!

Suddenly, he let go of her crudely. He sat up and sent her away. “You should go.”


“I refuse to touch something that’s dirty.”

Her heart was stabbed once again.

The pain felt dull and heavy, triggering Natalie to pounce on him suddenly.

With the force of the sudden impact, the tall and strong John Winters fell backward. He reflexively pushed her away, but he was startled by the softness in his hand.

He was dumbfounded.

In that moment of distraction, she had already passionately pressed her lips against his.

She blocked the curse that was about to come out from his lips. She was using what he did to her just now on him.

She did not know why he suddenly let her go. She only knew that since she was here, she would not leave empty-handed.

It was for Howie. It was for Howie. It was…

For Howie!

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