Passionately Devoted to Loving You
Passionately Devoted to Loving You
Author: March

Chapter 1

“Jaz, do you see me as your sugar baby?” Summer Plath asked carefully, and there was a slight tremble in her voice.

“Where did you learn how to speak such nonsense? Take off your clothes.” Jasper Miller was a little impatient already. He put down the blueprint of the wedding rings, and his head was spinning as he pointed at the wedding dress on the bed. “Put that on and let me take a look.”

“Such a beautiful dress!” Summer’s huge eyes lit up. She looked like she liked the wedding dress a lot as she gently caressed it with her hands.

“Stop touching it!” Jasper sounded rather annoyed as he was worried that Summer would dirty the wedding dress.

Summer was so terrified that she quivered, and she immediately withdrew her hands.

She trembled as she took off her clothes. She then carefully put on the wedding dress.

“Vic is a little more voluptuous compared to Summer, but this dress is tight even for Summer. Were you even taking the measurements properly? Also, make some changes to the design. Instead of a tube top, give the dress a Mandarin collar.” For some reason, Jasper felt rather angry as he stared at Summer’s cleavage.

“Yo, Chairman Miller, why are you in such a rage? What’s wrong with letting other people take a peek at Victoria Dawn’s sexy body?” The fashion designer on the other end of the line laughed as he cracked a joke.

“I’m the only one who’s entitled to look at my girl’s body. Alright, I’m going to hang up now.” Jasper took a deep breath before he rose and walked over to Summer.

He had been suppressing his s*xual desire ever since she started stripping. When he saw the way she trembled as she wore the wedding dress, he had the urge to f*ck her hard.

He had to admit that out of all his sugar babies, he had the most lust for Summer.

“Jaz… Jaz, is it okay if I take off the dress…” Summer was almost in tears. She was not an idiot, and she knew that the beautiful wedding dress was not for her.

Jasper did not love her. The woman he loved was Victoria Dawn.

She heard that the two of them would be getting married soon.

This meant that they would be together forever, and he would never belong to any other person again.

“There’s no need for that. You look good in it,” Jasper said with a slightly husky voice, and he naughtily pinned her against the wall.

The wedding dress was really heavy, and Summer was unable to escape his clutches.

She really loved this wedding dress. She really loved this man too.


All Jasper wanted to do was to f*ck Summer. He did not care about her feelings at all.

To him, Summer was nothing more than a tool that he picked off the streets, a tool that he could use to satisfy his lust at any moment.

Because of the pain, tears rolled down Summer’s cheeks like unstrung pearls. Every single thrust felt like the harshest punishment ever.


The next morning.

“Jaz, will you be coming over for dinner tonight?” Summer asked in a soft voice. She felt dizzy as she lay in the big bed.

“Summer, have I ever stayed with you for two nights in a row?” Jasper was feeling a little impatient. He rose and gestured for Summer to button his shirt.

Summer quickly got out of bed, and she was barefoot as she stood on the stone cold floor. “I’m sorry…”

“Alright, that’s enough. Stop giving me that pitiful look of yours every day. Of course I know what you want, but I like intelligent women. Do you understand?” Jasper was agitated as he flung Summer’s hands away. He straightened up his collar and picked up a call.

Summer’s legs went limp, and she plopped down onto the floor. Her eyes were as red as those of a rabbit’s.

She did not want much...

She just wanted Jasper to stay over for another night.

“Vic, are you at the airport already? I’ll come over immediately. Wait for me and don’t run around, okay?” After Jasper hung up, he hurriedly grabbed his suit jacket and left. The s*x with Summer the night before was so intense that he almost forgot that Victoria was landing today.

“Jaz, won’t you be having breakfast?” Summer cut a pitiful sight as she rose, and she carefully followed him. He should at least take a bite or two to fill up his belly.

“F*ck off!” Right now, Summer was nothing but an eyesore to Jasper. If it was not for the fact that she looked quite similar to Victoria, Jasper would never have even spared a glance at her.

He closed the room door with a bang, cutting Summer off from the world outside.

Summer realized that her hands were numb, and she rested them on both sides of her body. She lowered her head to look at her feet.

Winter was coming.

She had been with Jasper for a year.

During the first snowfall in Sea City last year, Jasper found Summer covered in blood by the roadside. She had gotten into an accident.

The doctor said that she had lost her memory because of the brain trauma.

She might recall her past very soon, but there was also a possibility that she would never remember her life before that.
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Mianne Abellanosa Somosot
nice story
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I think victoria is her sister.. and this shitty asshole will regret what he'd been doing to her
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nice! this story seems interesting

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