Chapter 629 People on the Same Side

Wilfred looked down and listened to Martin. He knew that what Martin said was logical.

His expression became a little more serious. He raised his head and eyed Martin coldly. Before he spoke, he heard Martin sneer.

Martin lowered his head and said the things that Wilfred was wondering if he should say.

“Of course you can continue to investigate this matter. I won’t rule out the possibility that you'll be able to get some useful messages. When that time comes, you can sue me. Then, all collaborations between Yallaton Corporation, Peak, and the Stewart family will be canceled…” His eyes suddenly lit up and he added, “The worst scenario will be that I get jailed, and your construction project will not be complete, which will delay the development in Harbour City indefinitely.”

He paused for a second before he pretended to sigh regretfully. “Also, based on the information you have now, it’ll be very difficult to jail me.”

Wilfred’s gaze was indifferent. He exposed Martin in a mock
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