Chapter 631 You’re The Most Important Person

Emmie was very mean in the way she phrased her sentence. She actually did it on purpose to trigger Melissa.

As expected, a few words could easily achieve her purpose. Melissa continued to scream angrily and push away the crowd that watched the show.

Wilfred was cold and ordered the housekeeper to get some people to bring Melissa back.

At this time, the crowd broke into a ruckus. Some people could not help but discuss what they saw in a low voice.

Emmie listened to their discussion and could not help but smile faintly.

After a scene like that, Old Mister Yallaton’s funeral nearly became a farce.

Before Emmie left, Wilfred even purposely came over to apologize. “My sister is not in a good mental condition recently. Did she scare you just now?”

Emmie placed a fresh flower on the tombstone. When she heard his words, she indifferently shook her head. “I’m okay. She could not scare me.”

After saying that, she stood up straight and walked to the side. When she turned back, she gen
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