Chapter 632 See You In Imperial City

Before Zephaniah could answer, Jade suddenly frowned. Then, she grabbed his arm and yelled, “Dear, he’s coming out.”

“Oh, come…” Zephaniah rarely felt flustered like this. Blue veins instantly popped out on his forehead. “Don’t panic now. Calm your breathing. I’ll call the doctor.”

Perhaps the baby had heard that his father wanted to do a C-section, so it started feeling anxious.

When Emmie rushed into the hospital, she saw a mobile bed being pushed into the delivery room.

Jade’s yelling resounded through the long corridor, and Zephaniah was running beside her. In the end, Jade shouted at him to stop. “Don’t come in. Don’t!”

Jade knew how scary a woman looked when she delivered a baby, so she did not want Zephaniah to witness it.

In a while, Zephaniah’s mother and Jade’s mother also hurriedly rushed over.

Outside the delivery room, the always calm Zephaniah looked anxious. His suit was wrinkled and his collar was opened casually. His dark, profound eyes stared at the door of
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