Chapter 633 We’ll Just Have Three Children (The End)

Jade and Zephaniah’s third kid was named William Zephaniah.

Zephaniah was not happy that he came out so late and Jade was tortured for two extra days.

On the day of William’s full moon, Owens family held a big full moon party.

The attendance of Emmie and Edward surprised Jade. But it was nothing when compared to the shock she received when the usually depressed Mister Greyson brought back the arrogant Miss Strickland.

Breann acted as usual. She looked so happy that she walked everywhere with pride.

When she was playing with the baby in the baby room, Jade could not help but laugh at her. “Didn’t you say you’re not coming back?”

Breann played with William with an exaggerated expression, which made him giggle. Meanwhile, she casually replied, “I came back to see you. Are you not happy?”

Jade could tell that she did not want to talk about it, so she thought for a while and did not continue the topic. “You think about it yourself. I really hope you will stay here.”

“That’s not ok
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