Chapter 6 Easton

Soon, the representative arrived.

The representative was a Frenchman, but his assistant, who came along with him, and the other two bosses were not. Jade found one of the tall men a little familiar, but she could not remember where she had met him before.

That man clearly recognized her, and he even smiled when he called out to her. “Jade.”

When she saw his smiling, gentle eyes, Jade finally remembered him.

Easton Mcdaniel was once her father’s student, and he used to work at the court. He was her senior, but he had moved to Switzerland due to his family business and never came back.

“Easton.” Jade smiled at him as well.

Since it was a business negotiation, even if they knew each other, they could not catch up. They could only chat with each other in private when they were free.

Jade sat beside Mister Alexander and listened attentively to the representative when he spoke before she interpreted his words to the director. Once Mister Alexander replied, she translated his words into French for the representative.

The task demanded good listening skills. Moreover, each country had its own language, and there could be slight differences when a phrase was translated into another language. Jade tried her best to translate the conversation in a simple and clear way so that both parties were able to understand each other.

While they were still going through negotiations, they toasted each other whenever they became excited. Jade drank on behalf of Mister Alexander, but she was still on her period, and when she drank the cold drinks, her face gradually began to turn paler.

Easton glanced at Jade before he whispered into the representative’s ear. The number of toasts dwindled, and most of the time, they just ate. Jade remained in her seat to catch her breath, and she felt a lot better than before.

The negotiation ended in less than one and a half hours, and everything went smoothly. Both parties signed the contract.

When Jade saw that there was nothing else for her to do, she spoke to Mister Alexander, got up, and went to the washroom. She originally wanted to spend some time smoking, but when she groped for her handbag, she realized that she did not bring it out. So, she washed her hands and left.

By pure coincidence, she ran into Easton at the corridor.

Jade took the initiative to greet him. “Easton, thanks for your help earlier.”

If it had not been for Easton’s help, she might have drunk so much that she would end up puking in the toilet.

“You’re welcome.” Easton smiled faintly. When he saw that her hands were wet, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and passed it to her. “Keep your hands dry, or you’ll fall sick very easily.”

Jade did not decline his offer. She took the handkerchief in a natural and poised manner, wiped her hands, and teased him lightly. “I used to see you bringing your own handkerchief around. I didn’t expect you to still have the habit.”

“I’m used to it, and it’s more hygienic to use a handkerchief.” Easton walked right next to her, and they went back to the private room. “I heard about what happened to Mister Redfern, but I didn’t have your number, so I couldn’t contact you.”

“He deserves it,” Jade said. Her face remained passive and emotionless. “Easton, you don’t have to pity him. He’s the one who didn’t appreciate what he had. He was too greedy.”

Easton sighed gently and passed her a name card. “I heard that Mister Redfern hasn’t been sentenced yet. If you need any help, just tell me. After all, I was under Mister Redfern’s tutelage for years.”

Jade hesitated, but she still took his name card.

She thought of asking Easton for money when she saw him. However, two million dollars was not a small sum, and she found her words stuck in her throat. Besides, her father was his teacher, and it was just too embarrassing.

“Okay, I’ll give you a call when I need your help.” Jade got rid of the thought of asking for money from him and quickly changed the topic of conversation. “I heard that you got married soon after you went to Switzerland. Is everything okay on your side?”

“Not quite.” A bitter smile made its way to Easton’s face, and he faintly said, “My wife’s too playful, and I can’t control her. When her urges were at their height, she would even have three men come over in one single day. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked for a divorce.”

Jade found herself speechless.

She never expected his life to turn out like that, and she could not react to the situation for a time being. “Do you have children? What are you going to do with them if you end up divorcing each other?”

“I’m worried that she’ll become a bad influence on my daughter, considering her personality. So, I’ve given her half of my property and taken custody of my daughter. I’ve brought my daughter back as well this time, and we intend to stay in the country for a period of time.”

Easton felt embarrassed when he saw the frown marring Jade’s face. He smiled and said, “Jade, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. It’s not that serious. It’s normal for a husband and wife to get divorced when they can’t get along.”

Jade’s lips curled up into a smile, but she said nothing.
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I don’t understand why she has to pay for her father’s debt when she had nothing to do with it? Let him rot in jail for his greed

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