Chapter 7 Is He Making Things Hard for You?

She remembered her marriage to Zephaniah. They had been married for three years, but their relationship never changed. They were just like strangers who were bound by paper and a contract, just staying under the same roof.

How did she manage to live together with Zephaniah for three years, especially when he was a man who could remain so calm, controlled, and detached from everything?

At that moment, Jade Redfern felt her stomach churn in pain. Her face turned pale, her legs became weak, and she almost fell down.

Easton quickly reached out to support her. When he saw how pale she was, he worriedly asked, “Are you sick? Should I send you to the hospital?”

“I’m fine.” Jade waved her hand. She wrenched herself free from his grasp and stood up. Her expression turned slightly bitter. “Actually, I kind of admire you. You can choose to divorce your wife when you’re not happy together.”

“You and Zephaniah…” Easton had not been back for a few years, but he always kept in touch with Jade’s father, so he knew that Jade had married Zephaniah. He also heard that Zephaniah’s family was not rich. “Is he making things hard for you?”

Jade shook her head.

It would be great if Zephaniah made her troubled and mocked her a little every single day, but he just remained aloof and only returned to the house once a week. It was as if “home” did not exist to him.

Jade wanted to say something, but when she raised her head, she coincidentally saw a group of people walking in her direction.

They were dressed in suits, and they appeared to be business elites. The man right at the front was wearing an iron-gray suit, and his short, black hair was slicked back neatly. He had an outstanding temperament, and no one could ignore him when they looked at him.

Jade then saw a graceful figure beside him. She was dressed in a gray dress that shared the same shade of grey as the man’s suit. Even though gray was a cool color, it was incredibly conspicuous on her. She was fair with smooth skin, and a faint smile bloomed on her lips.

Jade stood rooted to her spot, completely stiff. She had a feeling that the woman beside Zephaniah was the one who had talked to her on the phone. It had to be her!

As he walked over, Zephaniah saw Jade too.

The moment he saw her standing with another man, he seemed to frown a little. He wanted to say something, but the woman beside him had already opened the door of a private room, and she spoke gently, “Mister Owens, this way, please.”

Jade thought. ‘I knew it, she’s the one who spoke to me through the phone. Her voice is much more pleasant to the ears now than what I heard from the phone.’

She watched Zephaniah walk past her with his group without saying anything, and Jade clenched the hem of her outfit tightly. She wanted to leave in a natural but graceful manner, but to her surprise, her belly started to ache horribly, and she collapsed.


Zephaniah was just about to enter the guest room when he heard Easton shouting anxiously. He looked outside, and it was only then that he saw Jade lying down on the carpet with a pale face. He pushed the people around him away and strode toward her.

“Let go.” Zephaniah forcefully pushed Easton away and picked Jade up. Then, with a dark look on his face, he walked out of the hotel.

Easton could guess who he was. His eyes flashed, but he did not chase after them.

Zephaniah carried her to the emergency department of a hospital.

While waiting, he called Blanche Kirk, who happened to be the person in charge of the negotiations, and asked her to cancel the negotiation that night.

After waiting for around ten minutes, the door to the ward opened.

The doctor took off his mask and asked Zephaniah, “Are you her husband?”

Zephaniah nodded. “Yes.”

“Please take good care of your wife and stop letting her drink and smoke.”

The doctor scolded him, “She has a cold uterus. If she doesn’t adjust her work-rest schedule and take good care of herself, it’ll be a problem should she want to conceive in the future. I’ve prescribed some medication for her. Remember to let her take them on time.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

When the doctor left, the doctor’s words echoed in Zephaniah’s mind, and he used his hand to rub the center of his eyebrows.

Due to family pressure, he had no choice but to marry Jade. Naturally, he was incredibly averse to the marriage. That was why he asked her to sign a contract when they married each other to keep their lives separate. He did not want any conflict when they filed for a divorce in the future.

Yet, when he saw how miserable Jade’s life was and how she ended up ridden with illnesses, he felt sick. After all, she was just a girl in her twenties. No matter what, he should take care of her, even if it was just a little.

Zephaniah went to the supermarket in the hospital downstairs and bought some hot porridge.

When he entered the ward, he was just in time to see her wake up. She seemed to be struggling to sit up.

“Why are you moving around?” Zephaniah went over, placed the hot porridge on the table, and stuffed a pillow behind her back in passing so that she could lean on it comfortably. “Didn’t you say that you were just smoking for fun? Why did you get addicted?”

‘He’s still here?’

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