Chapter 235

“Little Sarah, don’t go.”

“How did you know it’s me? James, you’re awake, aren’t you?” Sarah patted James on the face but did not get a response.

“Little Sarah…” However, the man was continuously muttering her name.

He would not stop—it was as though he was addicted.

Sarah tried to move, but just as she was about to break free, she was immediately pulled back by James.

This time, she was looking at him directly in the face.

She looked at his closed eyes, remembering the day they first met. That day, he was similarly lying there with his eyes shut.

Back then, she felt that he was filled with misfortune and found him displeasing to look at.

She would never have expected James to look so much better when he was awake.

His eyes were seductive, alluring one’s soul. Every time their eyes met, she felt her heartbeat quicken.

“James, I’m sleepy. I still need to go to school tomorrow. Let me go.”

The man ignored her and continued to sleep soundly.

Why would the sleeping man pay her any attentio
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