Chapter 236

Sarah had always thought the problem with James’ taste buds was due to his tongue.

However, she just learned that it was not the issue with the tongue.

She must admit that the person’s poisoning method was just too cruel.

He was such a young kid. In order to avoid attention, that person concocted a poison to destroy James’ spleen.

The amount of poison used was minuscule. It was not lethal, nor would it be discovered.

With that, when he finally lost his sense of taste, it would be too late for any investigations.

That person was very skilled, but at the same time, ruthless.

Looking at James who was sleeping, she suddenly understood. Perhaps in this world, there were not many people that he could fully trust.

The one who poisoned him must have been originally close to him. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be successfully poisoned.

That was why he had always avoided interacting with others. Those that had nothing to do with him would never be entertained.

His cold attitude mu
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