Chapter 238

James considered ordering John to stop preparing the medicine and ignore the request, but upon seeing Sarah, he could not bear himself to do so.

He closed his eyes and went to sleep in the gentle darkness of the night.

Morning came.

The doorbell started ringing.

Sarah bolted up immediately.

She turned around to look at the window and noticed it was bright outside.

John was too slow.

According to her calculations, if he cooked multiple pots at the same time, he should have arrived just as dawn breaks.

She jumped off the bed and rushed to the door, ignoring the curve at the corner of the bed.

Upon entering the living room and seeing the books she used for revision last night, she suddenly realized that she woke up at the wrong location.

She had fallen asleep while reading her books.

Therefore, at that moment, she should be on the couch.

She turned around and looked at James’ room. The door was closed. He should still be sleeping.

‘Mm, he’s drunk. It’s normal for him to still be asleep.’

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