Chapter 239

Nanny Jarvis stole a glance at the medicine bag Sarah held in her hands. “Are these Chinese medicines for Young Master Marshall? Is Young Master Marshall sick?”

“Pfft.” Sarah burst into laughter.

‘James is sick.’ That sentence sounded funny to her.

However, that statement was true, James was indeed sick.

Nevertheless, James’ sickness was unidentifiable by an average person.

If one was just looking at his person, she would not be able to diagnose it as well.

If not for her realizing that he never seemed to enjoy anything he ate, she would never have found out that he was sick.

Her laugh baffled Nanny Jarvis. “Ms. York, did I say something wrong?”

“N-n-no. Young Master Marshall is indeed sick. You’re right.” Having said that, Sarah placed the medicine bag into the double door fridge and exited the kitchen.

With Nanny Jarvis around, she had better go study instead.

She would fight for every second she could to study. Her aim was to get into the medical department of T University.

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