Chapter 241

Nanny Jarvis could never imagine that someone in this world was able to threaten James Marshall.

However, Sarah managed to do it.

Furthermore, the threatened James Marshall was just as obedient as Xander.

James really finished all the food in front of him.

The breakfast was all eaten clean.

James got up to pack for work but was stopped by Sarah. “James, is it okay if you leave a little later today?”


“You can go in another half an hour.”

James looked at the time, then nodded. “Sure.” With Sarah here, he did not want to leave anyway.

If there were no work to be settled, he would not even bother going to the office.

However, he had been unconscious for too long previously, and the Marshall Group was running in chaos for quite some time. The company had just only been set back on the right track. If he relaxed during this time, it would just revert to chaos.

That was why he was unable to skip work.

“Oh, didn’t you plan to bring Xander to check out the kindergarten today?”

“I checked
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