Chapter 242


“Young Aunt says you’re sick,” Xander stated matter of factly.


“Then why would you need to take the medicine? It’s bitter.”

“It’s to maintain my health,” James answered calmly, then looked at Sarah. “Bitter.”

Sarah slapped his hand away. “No candy for you.”

His lie may work on Xander, but it would not work on her.

She knew of his sickness better than anyone else.

To the extent that she was able to discern the root of the sickness.

James sighed, then shifted his gaze on the packs of candies on the table. “It’s been many years since I’ve eaten candy.”

“I’ve not eaten candy for a long time too. Young Aunt, you’ve just eaten. Can I have one too?” Xander joined in.

Sarah suddenly felt teary.

She was sad for the young one, and the older one too.

‘He had not eaten candy for many years?’

‘That’s right, he wouldn’t taste anything after eating them anyway.’

Too much sweet things were not good for health. Why would he eat them?

Thinking of that, she unwrapped two candies. One for Xand
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Betty McLain
I think the book was good but you pay a lot for no ending. I hope we get the end for free. I hope you do better.
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JoyOf Plumeria
Nice story but so disappointed as there is no ending. I paid so much for this book. Author, you need to give us an good ending.
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Mariam Ice
I hope this is not the end of this book because if it is then I want my coins back please I have wasted my time on this book
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