Chapter 5

“It’s me.” Sarah, who had taken off her red burial dress, was reclining on the companion bed in the nurse uniform provided by a nurse.

Wendy stared at Sarah, feeling slightly stunned. “Are you, Molly or Yam?” If it was not either of them, how could this girl look so much like Sarah?

The York family had three daughters—Molly, Yam, and Sarah. Jimmy chose Sarah who had just turned 19 to be James’ wife.

Although the social status of the two families was not well-matched, Sarah’s birthdate characters were perfectly compatible with James’, and he was already dead so Mrs. Marshall eventually agreed to their marriage.

Sarah got up and pointed at James who was being examined on the ward bed. “I’ll leave this person to you and take my leave.” She turned around without looking back after saying that.

“Stop.” Wendy instantly became enraged. It was the first time in years that she encountered a girl who did not respect her. She then screened through the ward following Sarah’s steps and was startled. “Why is James’ burial clothes here?’

It was bunched together with Sarah’s burial dress.

It was the best quality and the most beautifully crafted burial clothes that she had ever handpicked. At the moment, the 666 million bucks burial clothes were piled up like rags.

“Mrs. Marshall, Ms. Sarah said it’s inauspicious for a living human to wear burial clothes, so we helped Young Master Marshall put on a clean hospital gown. They’re all new…”

“What did you say?” Wendy stood up as if she had just heard the tale of A Thousand and One Nights [1], and speedily arrived in front of the ward bed like an arrow that had just been shot.

Sarah could see that Wendy was holding James’ hand from the corner of her eyes.

From then on, it was best for her to not have anything to do with that man.

He could do his rich and noble son thing. She did not care how rich or good looking he was.

In her pink nurse uniform, Sarah pennilessly walked toward her home like a ghost.

There were whistles targeted at her along her journey back home. Fortunately, it was daytime so she was not afraid.

She was not role-playing uniform temptation [2]. She had no other clothes to choose from.

After unlocking the door with her fingerprint, she entered the York family townhouse and quietly went into her room. Then, she went into the toilet after locking her door.

When the warm water fell on her body, she sighed comfortably. Only after showering for two hours was she willing to get out of the toilet.

It was as if this was the only way to remove the scent of the dead body in the cemetery.

After meditating for two hours to recover from the discomfort of her body, Sarah finally laid on her bed and immediately fell asleep.

Before the Marshall family took her away, Jimmy was still conscientious. He brought her to have a good meal consisting of all her favorite dishes, and she was so full that she was not even feeling hungry then.

At that time, she would never have thought that she would be buried alive after having a delicious meal.

Sarah slept until she woke up naturally.

It was dark outside and street lamps had been lit up.

Sarah foggily picked up her handphone and was shocked after glancing at it.

She had not used her handphone the entire day, and looking at it then, her silent phone had countless missed calls.

The phone numbers of Jimmy, Mandy, Molly, Yam, and even her brother, Henry—who had never called her before—were among them.

The phone numbers included her best friend, Ann Yard, and her class teacher, Mr. Zack.

Sarah quickly scanned through all the missed calls and decided to call Ann.

“Sarah, where are you?”

“At home.”

“You’re at home? Did you know that your parents were looking for you at school and everywhere? Turns out you’re at home. Are they stupid? If they’re looking for you, they should’ve started with their own house first.

Sarah was talking on her phone’s loudspeaker when suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Bang bang!

Before she even got up, she heard someone outside the door say, “Sarah, I heard a sound in your room. Open the door.”


[1] A Thousand and One Nights (a.k.a Arabian Nights) is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales which centers around the main plot about Scheherazade and the King. It was said that the King would marry a new virgin every night and would send them to be beheaded the next morning. Scheherazade managed to avoid being beheaded by telling the King stories which kept him eagerly anticipating each new story. Thus, she told 1001 stories and by the end of it, the King had fallen in love with her. In the context of this story, it meant to say that Wendy heard a ridiculous story.

[2] Uniform temptation is a form of roleplay where a person dresses up in some sort of uniform, generally a doctor, nurse, or teacher, for inappropriate purposes.

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