Chapter 7

“My little Sarah…” he said softly. Jimmy’s body trembled when he heard Sarah’s voice.

Mandy rushed over like an arrow. “Sarah, what are you making a fuss about? You’re not dead. Since you’re still alive, what’s there for you to fuss about? It should be me who should be doing that. 19 years ago today, I almost died giving birth to you. Ever since you were born, I get headaches when the wind blows. I have to wear a hat to cover my forehead during summer, and on rainy days, my waist hurts so bad it feels as if it would break. Why is it that you have no illness, but I have to suffer every day?”

Sarah glanced at the beautiful princess cake in the middle of the table.

This was the first birthday cake she received ever since she could remember.

She took the candles, stuck them into the cake, and lit them.

It felt as if she was the only one in the restaurant.

Jimmy glared at Mandy who then sat down in exasperation.

Yam immediately switched off the lights after Jimmy glanced to signal her.

Sarah closed her eyes. No one—her father, mother, brother, nor sisters—took the initiative to sing her a birthday song.

They were probably not used to it.

For 19 years, she had to sing the birthday song five times each year, but it had nothing to do with her each time she sang it.

She was the redundant one within the family of six.

No one sang it to her, so she sang it to herself in her heart.

“Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday to me…”

After she finished singing the song, Sarah blew out the candles and picked up a knife and a fork to cut a piece of cake. She took a serious bite; the cake was sweet.

Yam switched on the lights again. The dining table was full of delicious dishes, but the atmosphere was awkward.

“Little Sarah, happy birthday.” Jimmy was struggling to speak.

With that, Henry, Molly, and Yam also wished her a happy birthday.

Mandy pouted, and said, “A child’s birthday is a mother’s day of suffering. She’s not even qualified for this birthday. I’m the one who should be celebrated.”

Sarah silently picked up the knife and fork. She cut five pieces of cake and gave them one by one to each person.

She then lifted her head and told Jimmy, “Mr. York, even though this table of food is not as high class and delicious as the food in that five-star hotel this morning, but I like the food here. And I only want 10 million out of the 100 million, is that okay?”

“No, I object.” Mandy slammed the table and shot up.

“Alright, then I don’t want anything. I’m leaving after I finish eating this cake,” Sarah said. After saying that, she turned around and walked up the stairs.

“Nonsense. Come back here and sit down.” Jimmy anxiously shouted at Sarah.

Sarah entered her room and quickly packed her necessities. She only took five minutes to pack that one suitcase.

When she pushed the door open, Molly was standing outside. “My little sister. Mom and Dad were forced to do it this morning because of the pressure from the Marshall family. They had no choice so take it easy. Can you stay?”

Sarah walked past Molly for the second time and went down the stairs. She headed toward the door and left.

Throughout all those years, Jimmy would give out red envelopes to his family during the Lunar New Year. While everyone was given 1000 Yuan, she received only a hundred. However, she never spent her money recklessly. Additionally, Jimmy gave her 1000 bucks for living expenses every month while she was staying in the high school dormitory. She accumulated an amount of money in her three years of high school so she would be able to support herself until high school.

Therefore, Sarah left home without any hesitation at all.

“Stop, come back,” Jimmy yelled.

“Let her go. Once she steps out of this house, she should never return. If not, I will break her legs,” Mandy shouted in a rage.
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