Chapter 9

“Really?” Ann stopped eating her claypot, took out her handphone, and started scrolling. She then excitedly tugged on Sarah’s hand.

“Sarah, it’s really your sister. So, will you be able to meet James Marshall who will soon become your brother-in-law? Get me an autographed picture of him, please. He’s a PhD student from Harvard Business School and is the CEO of Marshall Group. It’s an achievement that I don’t even dare to think about.”

Sarah slapped her hand straight away, and said, “If you want it, go get it yourself.”

“Uh, I can’t even meet him in person. I can only look at his photos at most. He’s so good looking. Your sister really picked up a treasure.”

Sarah bowed her head and ate her food. She forgave Ann. The clearest observation she had of James was how he looked in his burial clothes.

It was the weekend and usually the day to return home, but Sarah stayed in school.

It had already been a few days. The whole York family should be immersed in the joy of Molly becoming James’ fiancee.

Therefore, they had long forgotten about her existence.

Sarah had already gotten used to it.

Ann and the other roommates had been taken home by their parents for pampering.

She bought a few packets of instant noodles and went back to her dormitory.

She took the 100 million as repayment for her upbringing by Jimmy and Mandy.

Henceforth, if there was no relationship between them, then so be it.

After finishing her instant noodles, she practiced the Nine Meridians and Eight Veins method for two hours to recover her body. Then, she took her study materials and went to the library to do her homework.

With the amount of homework, writing, and memorization she had to do, two hours passed by in a flash.

The quiet library suddenly became noisy.

“Look, it’s a McLaren GT. It would be nice if it’s here to pick me up. It’s so luxurious.”

“Uh, you’re so excited over a car that’s only two hundred million bucks. In the whole of T City, I love Young Master Marshall’s Bugatti Veyron the most. I would die without regrets if he would let me sit in the car for just one minute.”

“Go live in your beautiful dream. Young Master Marshall has already chosen Sarah’s sister, Molly. Don’t even think about it.”

Speaking about Sarah, someone looked over at Sarah’s direction.

She remained silent while reading her book. She was oblivious to what was going on outside.

The library door opened, and a man who had just gotten out of the car walked in.

The man was wearing a black suit. The girls were almost drooling when they saw the handsome man. All the sights and attention followed the man—everyone was reluctant to blink.

The man stopped walking.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at Sarah.

They looked at the man who was standing straight, respectfully saying, “Ms. York, you have an invitation from Director Marshall.”

Sarah did not even look at the man and continued studying.

“Ahem…” The man coughed softly and continued, “Director Marshall has invited you to meet with him. Ms. York, please come with me.”

Sarah was still bowing her head and studying. She looked cool ignoring everything around her as if it was none of her business.

“Ms. York, what do I need to do for you to agree?”

“Just don’t bother me.”

“...” ‘She would go if I didn’t bother her?’ he thought.

The man looked deeply skeptical.

He immediately walked out of the library and dialed Wendy Marshall’s phone...

The McLaren GT soon left the Enlightening Middle School.

Half an hour later, an even more luxurious car, the Bugatti Veyron, parked under the library building in Enlightening Middle School.

The students who were studying in the library seethed once again.

That car was driven exclusively by James, and it was the only one in the entire T City.

The door opened.

Molly stepped out of the car elegantly in her crescent-white dress.

When everyone saw Molly, a female classmate enviously rushed to Sarah and shoved her. “Sarah, your sister came to see you in your brother-in-law’s car...”

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