Same Class

Yesterday was fun with Melissa, but unfortunately, we have school today and she's coming with me. I'm walking to her house to pick her up now, but kinda got lost in thought on the way. I started to remember things that happened in our old high school, and the memory made me worry a little.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mel, but she has a little problem. She's actually worse than me, she has a little problem with controlling her mouth, a problem that got her suspended for a few weeks. She's really nice, but has a very short temper; in which could make her a little scary sometimes...

Now, getting off-topic, I arrived at Melissa's new house. She was already waiting for me in front of her porch. Her curly hair was put into a tight slick back bun and she wore hoop earrings, what she had on was an oversized black hoodie with light gray leggings; and for shoes, she had white superstars Adidas.

"Took you long enough." She said playfully, as she walked towards me.

"I'm sorry, I just got lost by the path of life," I said to her while we took our leave to school.

"Hunt, we literally live across the street from each other". She said, a small giggle escaping her lips; I just shrugged at her.

"By the way," I said looking at her. She looked at me back with the same smile. "You look beautiful today," I said, she just gave me a heart warming smile.

"Thanks," She chirped playfully in happiness.

We walked the 5 blocks to school telling each other jokes like we always did before we moved. I'm truly grateful to have Melissa back on my side again; even though I will never tell her this, I actually missed her like crazy. But she will never hear that from my mouth.

While we entered the school building, we parted to our respected classes. Well, I did, due to this being Melissa's first day at this school, she needs to pick up her class schedule.

I passed the somewhat crowded hall; there were a lot of people today. Some talking near their lockers, others snickering with each other, and others just walking to class alone.

As I made my glorious entrance to my first-period class, I made my way to my respected seat and sat down, while I enjoyed the faint but satisfying breeze that the near window let penetrate for the class. I sat there looking at the window; the bloomed tree danced with the wind, and a few petals from its flower glided with the wind. It was truly a relaxing view, it made me calm and satisfied.

A few minutes passed as I stared at the beautiful scenario; and the teacher decided to grace us with his presence. It was the same old class, the same old lecture from yesterday; but something told me something idiotic would happen today. And as I thought of what could possibly happen today, that something idiotic sense I had, happened to enter the classroom door.

There it was, the sound of the door being forced open and heavy footsteps entering the class. When I guided my eyes towards the surprise, there they stood, Melissa panting and a big toned guy standing beside her; but he wasn't fazed nor panting, he just stood there knowing he came late to the class but wasn't fazed at all. It seems like Melissa ran here because they gave her schedule late; and the other guy just arrived late.

Looking closely at the guy Mel was with, he looked similar to the guy I saw yesterday behind Damien. Wait..... he's the exact guy that was with Damien. I never knew I shared classes with him, but remembering that I just recently got here, and the fact he doesn't seem fazed on coming here late; it might be possible he's always late to this class. He either comes late here or doesn't show up at all.

Just then Melissa was looking for a seat when she saw me. Her eyes widen, and a smile appeared on her lips.

"Hunt!" She practically screamed and ran towards the free seat I had beside me. "We even share the same first period together; isn't this great." She said excitedly, her smile never disappearing her lips; I just gave her a small smile and then nodded. 

Having her in this class makes me a little more relaxed, then I was before.

"Yes, indeed it is". I said to her, then I patted her head like she was some small child. She just glared at me, and slapped my hand off her head.

"You know how difficult it was for my hair to be like this, and now you want to mess it up." She said as she took her seat beside me. "You know that I don't like brushing my hair, much."  She said, now looking at the board; I did the same.

'She hasn't changed a bit.'

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