Chapter 70: Doctor?

Cole decided not to ask her anything about the topic, knowing it would only lead to more uncomfortable moments. The drive to the hospital in silence for the rest of the journey.

Getting there, the calm breeze that hit Karen's skin made her feel a sense of refreshment.

Cole noticed but only smiled in response, holding her hand and taking her into the building with him after he had secured the car locked in a good parking space.

When they walked into the hospital, the first thing Karen felt was an instant hit of sadness.

She looked around at the people that filled every corner of the room and couldn't help her expression.

"What's wrong?" Cole asked again,noticing how far she looked.

"It's nothing." She lied and craned her head in different directions, silently following him to the woman at the reception counter.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" She aske

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