Chapter 2: Let's be married bachelors

"Dude, that chick is totally giving you the eyes!" Donald beamed, nudging Cole's shoulders excitedly so he could turn to look at the supposed girl in question.

He looked at her and like claimed, she was winking at him and doing all of those flirty body signs. He winked back at her and she pretended to hide her giggles behind her hand.

He wriggled his index finger at her, a gesture that silently ordered her to come over and she gladly obliged. She was wearing a sleeveless mini gown that stopped right where her butt ended and without being asked, she put an arm around his neck and sat on his laps.

"So tell me, how was your meeting with the girl?" Damian asked him. Donald, Damian and Cole had their little trio group and they were the perfect words to be described as best friends.

Although Damian unlike both other men, didn't have a multi billionaire rich ass father and worked hard to get his millions, all three of them had been friends since highschool, spending time as what highschool referred to as populars.

"I think I might have found myself a bride." He chuckled, answering his question.

"No Way!" Both of them yelled in their partial drunken state, exchanging a quick handshake.

"Seriously?" Damian asked in confirmation again, because Cole had thrown a trick like this once where he told the guys he found a bride when he hadn't.

"Dude I'm one hundred percent serious." Cole assured him, dodging the girl on his laps' kiss with a slight swing of his head. She looked at him with a frown and he smirked at her.

"I'm saving my energy for later." He told her with a wink and she nodded in acknowledgement, fiddling with his hair, curling it around her finger repeatedly.

"Whoa. I can't believe it." Damian said. Well, need he know, neither could Cole. "What's left now?" He asked further.

"I don't know, some shitty family dinner where the whole family comes together to discuss the wedding preparations." Cole shrugged, shaking his head at the antique mentality both their parents shared. Who arranged marriages in this generation?

The only reason his parents were doing this was because they saw him as irresponsible and immature to take over the family business someday and to them, finding the perfect wife, would for sure secure a stable sense of responsibility for him.

Karen's parents were doing this for the existence of a grandchild which he doubted they would be having anytime soon.

"Well I can't wait to be your best man." Damian said, beckoning a waiter to come over. The waiter obliged, holding a tray with a filled to the brim glass cup on it.

"Uh, excuse you, I am the best friend." Donald faked coughing sounds and they both turned to look at him.

"Get rid of these empty beer bottles and fill our table up again." Damian ordered in the commanding tone he had so ever possessed. The waiter nodded and left to deliver the drink in his hand first before coming back to do as told.

"Last time I checked, dude, you share the same name as Donald Trump." Damian shrugged and looked at Cole, patting his back -patting as in hitting him hard enough to cause him intense pain.

"So it's just right that I be his best man." He concluded. Donald shook his head in disapproval at him.

"And the last time I checked, dude, you are a freaky married man with a pregnant wife." Donald scoffed at him. "And what on earth is sharing the same name as Donald Trump even mean?" He said, louring at Damian.

"Guys! Would you shut the hell up?!" Cole snapped. Even though they were old enough to be fathers, and technically one of them was about to be one, their childish bickering was endless and priceless. Literally priceless, as in you couldn't pay a price to ask for it to be stopped.

"You know I don't give a damn about any sort of wedding rules, please, you can both be my best men if you want. You literally are anyways." Cole suggested, hoping that stopped the useless and unnecessary, uncalled for argument between both doofuses.

"This guy always knows how to fix things." Donald said, laughter erupting from his vocals even though nothing was exactly funny. The laughter was mostly to be blamed on the amount of alcohol he'd consumed.

It took at least twenty beer bottles to get Donald drunk. He was that addicted to it, and expertise. Damian once suggested he visited a rehabilitation center to get his brain in order but he thought Donald was just over reacting.

"Can we get a room now?" The girl that had become nonexistent in Cole's memory, said all of a sudden, startling him a bit. When he remembered her presence, he started to feel the pain on his laps from her bony weight.

"How about later?" He suggested in a nervous chuckle, for some weird reason unknown to him, all of a sudden, he no longer had the feeling to mess around with a random girl.

She scoffed and didn't waste any more time to find herself some guy that was going to willingly become an instant money making machine.

"Ooh, someone is finally having some sense of responsibility." Donald chuckled. The waiter from earlier before approached their table with a basket and he rid them of the empty beer bottles, replacing them with fresh and unopened new ones.

"Shut up." Cole rolled his eyes at him in laughter as he grabbed a half empty glass cup and filled it to the brim with one of the new drinks. "I'm not in the mood tonight, that's just it."

"Worried much?" Damian asked, doing the same beer action as Cole. "Chill, don't give it much thoughts. That's how family life is like."

"Well I don't know, I just feel like this weight of responsibility is going to be burdensome in my life." Cole admitted to them and they nodded in understanding. He sipped on his drink and licked his lips to get the rest of that lip stained taste in my mouth.

"I just want to be a married bachelor." He shrugged in admittance and dropped his glass cup on the table.

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