Chapter 3: Cole is calling

"Are you afraid?" Faith asked as they both washed their hands before the operation. Her voice startled Karen since the room had been nothing but silent all along.

Of course she was afraid, but she was most certainly not admitting that to her best friend, "Excuse you. I've not failed when it comes to surgery." She chuckled, meaning every word. It was true, she never had. The only reason she was afraid was because Jenkins Robert was a big time celebrity. The eighty year old was the founder of the famous potion foundation and his life was worth billions.

If this operation went well, it was going to affect her in the field positively and her name was for sure going to make the headlines, again. Not that it'd be new anyways.

"I trust you." Faith said with a smile and Karen nodded. Both women rinsed the soap away with clean water and dried their hands before putting on their operating gloves and heading to the operating room where the others already were, to do what they did best. Surgery.

Everything was set for the operation as usual and Karen took her position beside his bed, putting on everything required for the operation.

"Doctor Karen Benson operating on Jenkins Robert, operation time, five - twenty two pm." She announced like they did traditionally, before turning to look at her other assistant doctor. "Scalpel."

"That was so far the best operation ever." Faith beamed after they'd changed out of their official operation gowns and back into their corporate outfit, although their ward coats were still on them as they walked out of the hospital, calling it a day.

"Yeah, even though it lasted five hours." Karen smiled at her, shaking her head drastically. She'd never been this happy to have a successful operation even though that had mostly been the case, at least for over a year now.

"I'm just so glad anyways." She said, taking off her coat as they approached Karen's car. Karen did the same and tossed it over her shoulder, unlocking the car and opening her side of the car, the driver's seat.

Faith took the seat beside her while Karen brought the engines to life, turned the headlights on and started to zoom off towards her home. Faith had agreed to spend the night with her so they were going over to Karen's place.

"You didn't tell me how your date with arranged spouse fifteen went, what's his name again?" Faith asked, snapping her middle finger and thumb repeatedly in front of her, trying to rack her head for his name.

"Cole that might work." Karen said for her, her full concentration fixed to the road. Night driving really wasn't her thing. It never was, it never would be. "He accepted my full terms and conditions."

"Whoa isn't that suspicious?" Faith asked with a frown. She honestly couldn't be serious right now. Every girl had their fantasy, and how they wanted their future partners to be, this was Karen's fantasy.

"Are you kidding me?" Karen wondered, "I'm pretty sure this is my dream husband. Dude is pretty much like me and he doesn't have time for marital trash." She told her, taking a left turn.

"Oh well I'm happy for you anyways. At least your parents' mind would be at ease now, they'll get their grandkids - " Faith was saying but got cut  short by Karen.

". . .Not anytime soon." She laughed. She had the perfect model-like body and it took her years to find herself fit. She wasn't ready to have kids 'ruin' her just yet, in fact, maybe never. Let's just hope, Cole that might work, was not the baby craving husband. It still felt like a dream that somebody agreed to marry her, the wedding was most likely to make the headlines too.

Her parents were one of the most influential people in the whole of New York, they made Forbes list once for one of the fastest self made billionaires, something she was aspiring to be too.  

"I'm sure that's not what your mother thinks though. Knowing her, she was able to convince you into getting married, she'll surely convince you into making babies." She chuckled, searching for something in her purse.

"Trust me, no one can." Karen smirked and stopped her car in obedience to the traffic lights. She turned to look at Faith and saw what she was searching for, her phone.

"Are you saying you won't have sex?" She grinned, her attention fixed on her phone. "I mean, you know that's how babies are made right?"

"No I don't know." Karen teased her. "But on serious notes, I haven't really thought about that. We will have sex, but we would follow a calendar. And, he must have earned it."

The lights went green and she honked the horn at the stupid Jeep in front of her that refused to move his butt off the road.

"What do you mean earn it?" Faith wondered out of curiosity, looking at Karen for a second and then returning her gaze to her phone.

"He must have done something that makes me think he's worth it. That, and if I feel hor-"

"Hor what? Say it, say the h word." Faith smirked at her, keeping her gaze on her once more.

"Oh shut up Faith, leave my married life to myself." She chuckled. "What are you doing on your phone?" She asked, changing the subject.

"Just stalking your Instagram. Babe, you hit ten thousand followers." Faith grinned at her. Sometimes, Karen wondered why she seemed to be so jobless and act like she had nothing to do with her life.

"The heck, why?" Karen frowned.

"I'm just trying to see if I'll see 'Cole that might work' on your profile. That, and I've been keeping up with your increasing followers. I only have two hundred of them." She stuck her lips out in a childish manner.

Karen shook her head and hit speed as the road seemed to be free.


"We're here!" Faith unnecessarily announced when they walked into the mansion.

"Shut up and let's go change out of our clothes first." Karen snapped at her. She smiled in response and held her bag tightly to her chest.

According to her, coming over was her favorite thing in the whole world. She believed Karen was lucky to be blessed with such riches, and so freely too. Karen didn't have a problem with her presence so it was a win win.

They took the stairs out of the living room, straight to Karen's bedroom.

The bedroom was lit with purple night lights. The walls of the room had two corners made of ceiling to floor glass, granting her access to one of the most beautiful views, both day and night, in America.

She pulled down the curtain and hurried out of her clothes. Faith did the same and after, both women headed to the kitchen to make food which was no problem, thanks to Faith's culinary gift.

Everything seemed to be going well until Karen's phone rang ,revealing, 'Cole that might work.'

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