Chapter 4: Family dinner

"He's calling me." Karen whispered.

"Well answer it!" Faith whispered back. Karen stared between her friend, and the phone with furrowed eyebrows but eventually picked it up, answered it and put it to her ear.

"Hi?" She called uncertainly into the phone.

"Hey there Karen, it's me, Cole." He announced without cause and Faith nodded at her in a way that translated to 'put the phone on loud speaker'.

She did just that and placed one hand on her waist and held the phone up with her flexed forearm. "I know that much."

"Oh well, I just thought to call and say hi maybe." He sounded like he had been forced to perform the action. It took a lot of dignity to refrain from rolling her eyes.

"Why?" She wondered. Faith hit her elbow against the side of her belly with a slight shake of her head. She got her unspoken note and added without enthusiasm, "I mean, wow thank you."

"You're welcome I guess." He said. Shuffling sounds were made in the background and they sounded as if he had company.

Karen wanted more than anything for the phone call conversation to end. She'd never been a fan of talking to people over the phone, except it was very important.

"So?" She impatiently pushed. If he thought this was going to be a constant occurrence, he couldn't be more wrong.

"So nothing. Have a good night then?" He chuckled nervously. She wondered if he realized how stupid he sounded.

"Good night." She dismissed and placed the phone on the counter. "Can you believe this guy?" She turned to look at Faith, who only sighed at her with arms crossed.

"I can't believe you." Faith moved to sit on the counter, an act Karen glared at. She thought it was irresponsible to jump on counters when there were stools designed for sitting pleasure. "It's obvious the guy was nervous to call you, and you just made him feel like he shouldn't have.

Karen walked towards the white themed kitchen's cabinets and pulled out a frying pan. "I'll have you know I didn't request for this phone call." She smirked, bringing out a black frying pan.

"It doesn't matter, you two will get married eventually." Faith argued, not approving of her friend's behaviour.

"Might." Karen corrected her, walking to the kitchen sink and turning the tap on. "It's not a certainty yet." She said.

"I see." Faith sighed and jumped off the counter so she could assist her friend.

"Please let's forget about him and concentrate on frying these chicken breasts, I'm damn hungry." Karen rolled her eyes, hoping they ended the conversation in that manner.

"Fine." Faith chuckled, "get the knife."

Cole on the other hand turned to look at Donald after he placed the phone down. He shook his head in annoyance. "This is all your fault. I knew I shouldn't have spoken to that woman but look what you made me do." He scolded.

The house was a huge one. They were currently in the backyard of Cole's bachelor condo. It was where his floral garden was located. Damian had left the group to return home to his wife while the other two had come to Cole's.

"She acted like I was an idiot, this is so embarrassing." He scoffed, turning to go back into the house, regardless of his friend's pleas that he returned.

Donald stood to his feet, "dude, it's called being a man."

Cole paid no attention to his calls and just went straight to his king sized bed, ready to call it a day.

While Karen and Faith sat in the kitchen on the dining area and ate their meal, Karen's phone began to ring.

"God help me, it isn't that man again." She groaned, rolling her eyes in condemnation.

Hesitantly, she stood up and went to check for the caller's identity. Her phone was still on the marble counter where she'd left it.

Faith only chuckled in mockery, yanking wickedly on a fried chicken breast.

Karen looked at the screen and knew what to expect when she saw that it was a phone call from her mother.

"Hey mum." She said into the phone and returned go her seat in front of Faith.

"Karen!" Her mother called hastily. "Why didn't you call to say how your date went?" She panicked, turning the volume of the background music down.

"I was busy." She lied. She had enough time on her hand after the meeting with Cole but she wasn't interested in giving an update.

"Anyway, the Britts called to say they want to have a family dinner tomorrow night at their place, and they invited us, and by us, I mean, you inclusive." Kylie spoke carefully.

"What? You don't even know if I've chosen to proceed with this marriage." Karen tried to argue. Avery Britt was Cole's mother and if there was one thing she knew, the duo were closer than the numbers, five and six. Their friendship was only rekindled twenty years after their marriages to their partner.

"Karen please, don't turn this down. I'm calling because I know you, for my sake, try being respectful and listening." Kylie sighed and when she noticed there was no response from Karen, she added, "hmm?"

"Fine." Karen said after giving it a quick thought. She could spare them the next night.

"Thank you dear, please be go…" Karen didn't wait for her mother to finish her statement before hanging up. One could assume she had the habit of rudeness.

"What does she want?" Faith wondered aloud.

"She's inviting me for a dinner at Cole's tomorrow." She informed her.

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