Chapter 5: My husband and a blonde

It was the next day which meant it was officially time for the family dinner that Kylie had informed her daughter about. Karen on the other hand wasn't looking forward to it at all.

"You know, if you keep up with that face, your in laws will you think you have a resting frowning face." Faith told her as she helped her get ready for the dinner.

"They aren't my in laws yet, watch your language woman." Karen corrected her, turning to different angles while keeping her gaze on her reflection as she admired herself from various angles.

"Just saying." Faith raised her hands in defeat and widened her eyes.

"How do I look?" Karen requested to know. She was in a short blue dress. It was sent to her by a popular designer brand as a birthday present and she'd never made use of it until now.

The gown was made of a thick material and had tiny stones littering it everywhere, adding that essential sparkle. It was a little off the shoulder and a small part of her breasts were exposed. It stopped right before her knees and it did define her tall figure.

"Like a model, as always." Faith smiled, pulling her phone out and taking a few snaps of Karen.

"Come on, I'll drop you home first, then I'll drive to my parents and get this over with." Karen suggested, picking her white purse from her queen sized bed.

"Okay." Her friend simply agreed and both women left the room.

"Try to be polite Karen, prevent unnecessary drama while you're there." Karen was suddenly reminded of her mother's words when she had chosen to have the meeting with Cole and how similar they were to Faith's.

"Why do you all assume I'm just going to create drama? Ya'll, quit acting like I'm some rude ass bitch." Karen rolled her eyes, settling in the driver's seat of her exotic car while Faith took the passenger seat.

"Again, just saying." Faith chuckled. In no time, she pulled out of the building and headed for Faith's condo.


The family had finally gotten to the Britts. It was a huge mansion painted white from the outside and one could tell it was worth millions just by taking a look at it.

Karen had spent the last hour driving with her parents, listening to her mother's forced lectures while their driver brought them down the road.

The door came open and they walked into the large living room. "Welcome Kylie." Elizabeth Britt welcomed her, leaning forward to hug the aforementioned woman. She was elegantly dressed in a red gown, plain and simple but the fabric made it known as an expensive item.

Her face was heavily caked in makeup and it wasn't hard to tell that she was forcing the wrinkles on her face into hiding. Cole was her last child after all and unlike Kylie who had no one but Karen, she was a mother of three successful business women, and a famous actor, Cole.

Kylie on the other hand, backed up by plastic surgery resembled a woman in her thirties.

The living room was spacious and from the door, the dining table with at least twelve chairs could clearly be seen. It was brown and gold themed, and was dressed from edge to edge with food of various kinds.

"Welcome Mark." Elizabeth referred to Karen's father and gave him a hug after which they exchanged cheek kisses.

"My dear," she turned to Karen with a proud smile and spread her arms apart for a hug. "My God, you're just too beautiful." She complimented.

Karen sucked her breath in, she was trying to hold back from the woman who was clearly singing her praises just so she could please her.

"Thank you." She said reluctantly after remembering all the warnings she'd got.

"Come on," Elizabeth beckoned, leading the invited family to the table so they could dine. Her heels and their clanking irritated Karen. Who wore heels in their own house? And for dinner? Pathetic.

"My husband and son are upstairs, I'll get Sean while Karen, you go get Cole." Elizabeth suggested after they had settled on the dining table. All sort of food items with mouth watering aroma filled their nostrils but Karen wasn't flattered. She was used to their sort of luxury.

Karen widened her eyes and pointed an index finger against her chest. "Me? But why?"

"I want you two to feel the heat and communicate with every chance you get. Come on, get him. His bedroom isn't so far, it's the third one to your left as soon as you get upstairs." Cole didn't live with the family anymore but it had been his room when he used to. He had arrived an hour earlier to his family's surprise.

"Elizabeth's right." Kylie smiled, trying to fuel the suggestion, her hot gaze on her daughter, knowing how her actions could be. "Do fetch Cole, dear." She smiled.

Karen glared at her mother with a 'you owe me' stare but stood to her feet. "Yes, mum."

She was glad to be out of the antique scene anyways and so she took her time as she traveled up the stairs. It wasn't long before she located the bedroom door. She noticed it was slightly opened and so rather than knock, she walked right in.

"Cole I…" she was unable to complete the sentence because all of a sudden, she met the position her future husband was in.

Cole was naked in bed, a blonde was sitting on his manhood, while he thrust in and out of her, their moans going in harmony.

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