Chapter 21: Just one kissing scene

"Wh..what are you doing?" Karen stuttered. She found that she was staring into his eyes and as though it was calling her into some kind of trance, she was unsure if she was to move. They stayed still and in each other's gazes.

"That's my little thank you for accepting." He drew his lips into a grin. She pushed him away from her and although that played little to no impact, he moved away on his own accord and that got her to fold her arms across her chest with a frown.

"Don't ever do that , ever." She warned, scoffing before turning around to leave.

He only chuckled, not saying any words, proceeding to call his manager to inform him of the new situation.


Karen was pissed to be in Cole's condo. Nothing about the small living space commanded comfort. His sense of design was old fashioned in her opinion, boring, and lacked work.

"This place looks dead." She had com

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