Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger
Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger
Author: Chibuzor Victor Obih

September 1

Imagine a life where everything you ever wished for could be given to you at your own request. Just imagine! Try to think of it for a second and feel the wonderful nature of such a life. Well, that is the kind of life I always dreamt of, the kind of life I told my parents existed, somewhere, lost in the shadows of the universe.

My name is Perer not Peter. I know you may be wondering how the hell I got such an awkward name. Well, you don't have to wonder for too long. I will give you the opportunity to do something quick and simple. Take a pen and write my name. Then, switch the middle letter in my name Peter and change it to the letter "r." That is simple, right? Yeah, it is.

My full name is Perer Ford. Read that well. Perer Ford. And I am a crazy teen who likes to have a lot of fun. Even though I may not fit your perfect description of a perfect teenager or a boy with a six pack and a broad chest, I bet I can easily fit into your world, but I will leave that for you to decide because I firmly believe that every human has a right to their own opinion.

I live in a small town not too far from a big city called Port-Harcourt. It is a big city with a lot of modern hotels and buildings; the kind of place you would be willing to spend a few cash all in the name of getting to the peak of an extraordinary life you feel is enjoyment. Also, I go to a secondary school not too far away from my home. It is not really the kind of school that I wished for or hoped to attend, but it is a good one. I don't have much to say today, since I am just trying out this diary thing that I have ignored for so long. I hope we get to become real good friends in the long run as I get to know you better while you get to know me better too. Officially, welcome to my world.

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Wow! Amazing!

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