My Priceless Jewel
My Priceless Jewel
Author: Mjay


"Hold your head up and smile, you coward" Arfaat growled at Juwairiyyah as they walked through the steps that led to Sophie's imposing home where their wedding traditional party would take place. His hand gripped her waist so tightly and that made her gasped. She felt like jerking away and fleeing back; down the steps to their parked car. 

There was a long line of cars parked outside Sophie's home, It was obvious the ton had gathered to see the grand wedding of Alhaji Abba's daughter to a poor mechanic.

If not for the cold dread in the pit of Juwairiyyah's stomach, she might enjoyed the sight of her wedding day. As it was, she felt only a shivering apprehension at Arfaat's cold rage and implacable face. They'd ridden from her father's house at GRA in stark silence. Except for a brief moment when she had balked at getting into the car, he had not spoken to her until now. "I don't advise you to try anything you may regret, my Lily."

As soon as they were in the house, Juwairiyyah began dreading the leering faces inside. Arfaat's hateful voice and snarled words gave her enough courage to pause in the doorway, where she could see the blaze of light and hear the deafening clamor of voices. They waited, and she could feel the eyes of those behind them. 

Arfaat looked as handsome as always in his black and white evening clothes, his black hair reflecting the gleam from flickering gaslamps. 

Juwairiyyah's red silk gown made a dramatic contrast, and that alone would have drawn stares if they had not been who they were. There was a vague whispers from behind them, 

"They say, my dear, that she was fond of disgracing any poor man who shows interest in her. I wonder how she ended up getting married to a mechanic" Said woman 1 with a smirk.

"That's what I heard too. She thought because she's beautiful and her dad is rich, she has the right to trample on her suitors. I just hope the handsome man here get to teach her a lesson to remember..." Woman 2 bespoke.

"Oh yes" Arfaat said silently in Juwairiyyah's ears, tightening his hold on her waist for the second time  "That's just what I'm gonna do. Trust me Juwairiyyah, you'll regret ever saying I Raped you. I'll make you regret that, I'll make you regret all those time you've trampled men who claimed they loved you. I'll make you regret everything."

Juwairiyyah shuddered, almost losing her balance when he held her tight again. That alone caught the attention of others who weren't watching as cheers and claps erupted from the large hall. 

Arfaat made it look so real and romantic which made it impossible for the cameramen not to capture the tom and his jerry, holding her hand and guiding her to their table. Arfaat made sure he smiled, showing off the facade of a caring husband. And as they sat down, Juwairiyyah recalled every single thing she did before the arrival of this day, and there and then she started regretting her evil deeds.

Now, no one could save her from Arfaat's wrath and evil omen!

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