Juwai! Are you nuts? How could you do a thing like that? Don't you have the slightest respect for your elders? When are you going to change this irritating attitude of yours?" Hajiya Azumi bellowed Angrily.

   "O geeezzzz! Here she comes again with her preaching, please and please Azumi don't lecture me. Please, right now am not in the mood to listen. Just taste what she called pepper soup. How dare she give me a food without much pepper in it? She knows my taste why then will she do the contrary?”

   "Kinci uwaki Juwairiyyah, nace take this five hands I dash you. I never knew you were this stupid aii, am pitying you Juwai. The day you'll reap what you sow I won't be there to pity you. Uwani, get up, I apologize on her behalf. Please forgive her insolence. Hajiya Azumi said in an earnest appeal.

Uwani stood up, wiping the tears that were goshing out of her eyes saying.

"Its okay hajiya, yarinta ne aii. Ya wuce". 

   "I don't want to wait long Uwani, if I call you for the second time believe me you'll pay the consequences."


"Shhhh please, miss lecture always, I don't want to hear anything, either she cooks that pepper soup before I loose my patience or pay the consequences. Oh! I forgot to say this, as soon as you are done cooking the pepper soup, come and wash my undies". Said juwairiyyah walking into the toilet.

 Uwani turned and left the room sad, while Hajiya Azumi stood there in tears, praying silently for the change in her grand daughter's behavior. A spoiled brat she is.


"Good afternoon sir". Arfaat greeted as soon as Alhaji Abbas entered the sitting room.

  "There is nothing good about the afternoon arfaat, when do you want to get married to Juwairiyyah?"

 The words came as a shock to Arfaat, he never knew Alhaji Abbas will agree to his idea so soon. Guess there luck is on his side. Juwairiyyah, you are a fish in my pond now baby. Arfaat thought happily.

  "Arrrmmm, I can get married to her in the next one month Alhaji, there is a room and parlor in our apartment we can still use. It doesn't have to be a grand wedding, since we all know the reason why."

"Naaah Arfaat, I don't like that idea, yea its okay in the next one month, but am gonna give you a house where you guys will stay for the three months contract to finish". Replied Alhaji Abbas.

"Well, okay then". Said Arfaat.

That's a good idea, in an isolated area, Juwairiyyah is gonna pay dearly!.


"Mama, albishirinki?". Arfaat said happily seating close to his mother.

"Go ahead and tell me dan mama, his mom was in a hell of suspense.”

"Well, I’m going to marry Juwairiyyah, and her dad wants everything to be done in the next one month". Said Arfaat happily.

   "Alhamdulillah, I don't know why, but the very first day I saw that child I admired her. But wait son, you are not prepared I guess". Said mai kunu with a look of concern on her face.

  "Don't worry mom, I have my savings, and am very sure they'll cover alot of things. Just don't worry."

"But do you love her son?"

No I don't, Arfaat thought___but I'll still marry her just to make her pay, his heart answered to that.

"Of course I do Mama. That's why I don't want to delay everything so her father won't give her out to another man."

"Look how you're blushing" Mai Kunu teased him.

"Oh come on mom." He replied leaving the house completely.


"Juwairiyyah! Juwairiyyah!! Juwairiyyah!!!, how many times did I just call you?". Alhaji Abbas asked.

   "Three times papa". Replied Juwairiyyah.

"Well, I've come to a decision which I think will work out perfectly well. I want you to marry ARFAAT!"

Juwairiyyah stood up quickly, hoping that what she just heard was a dream. How can she marry arfaat? Her juwairiyyah! The only daughter of Alhaji Abbas marry Arfaat that poor brat? No that's impossible!

   "Juwai, this is the best for us all, no one will marry you the way you are now. Its just a contract marriage, just for three months. By then I'll have find the best way to deal with Arfaat."

 "B...bu...but.....Arfaat didn't rape me dad. I don't love him and I can't marry him. Noo dad! I don't want to." She responded admittedly.

"Of course I did raped you juwairiyyah, please, lemme amend for my mistakes". Said arfaat coming out of no where!

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