Seducing the Single Dad
Seducing the Single Dad
Author: Cassandra Davy
1. Losing The House


The heat was unbearable, I could feel myself sweating heavily until I open my eyes and saw the fire. I was alert immediately and start my trail of curses, I hurriedly grab my phone then put on my robe and slip on my house slippers then ran as fast as I could out side the house. 

But I halted my step when I saw the words painted on the wall, my hands were shaking when I open my phone and snapped the writings just seconds before the fire catches it and burn it away. Can't be...I thought he was still in least for another year...


heart was beating faster, I couldn't move my legs I was frozen in front of the wall, until I heard the sirens pulling me back to reality and realized that I have been inhaling the smoke, my eyes were teary but I finally managed to move my feet and find my way out of the house through the front door. 

The firemen quickly got me to their truck, then one of them was taking my vitals. "Mam, are you alone in the house? Do you have any pets?" the other men asked.

I couldn't answer him, I just shook my head my eyes were still stinging from the smoke, and my hands were still shaking to the realization that he was definitely back. The man that talk to me told his crew that there was no one else and there was no pet. Then it all went as a blur as they went into the house, and I was attended by the paramedic.

The police came moments later and start asking me questions, I was still shaken and were stuttering my words, but I finally showed them the picture. Then they escorted me to their car and take me downtown for further questioning. I couldn't even think, so I just went with them.

It was morning when Gina, my old nanny came to get me. My parents were still vacationing out of the country after my brother's scandal, this was when he almost killed my best friend Emilie unintentionally. So dad was calming mom down by taking her on a short trip. Though the mater was covered up from the media, but it was still the talk of the upper class.

Gina not only took care of me, but she was also my confidant growing up. Until now she still works  for my parents, and I'm closer to her than to my own parents. She picked me up, and bringing me everything that I need. I quickly changed to my casual jeans, and t shirt and she remembers my favorite hoodie that I kept at my parents then slipped on my sneakers and thanked her.

"Oh Amanda you are still thanking me in this situation, you know I would do anything for you. I have cared for you since you're a baby. It's him isn't it? don't worry your daddy will pull some strings and get him behind jail again. I'm sure it'll be over before you know it. Come let's get you back home, you should rest you must be very tired..." she talked all the way to the house, knowing that I wasn't able to answer her questions, yet.

Gina tucked me in, I fall asleep the moment my head touched my pillow. It felt like minutes later when I wake up to the buzz on my phone. The next twenty minutes I was busy picking up and telling my girls that I was fine, they knew about my house from the news and the radio. I eventually invite them to dinner at my parents, just to assure them with their own eyes that I was fine.

I was at fault for not telling my manager to keep the news of my tragedy from the public and cover any issues with the news. He loves the buzz in the media obviously, thinking that it would attract more buyer and sell couple of my paintings that would be on exhibit next month. 

"Bad news is also news Amanda, stop being such a closet artist. Your paintings are phenomenal, you just have to trust yourself in your ability. I don't get how you can be out there with men but so shy with your work..." he kept on talking and advising me. But he didn't know that I had been scolded for years by my psycho ex husband, Troy. He would made me feel bad about my work, while I know that now, but it was imprinted deep in my brain.

I sighed as I finally told him to handle the situation, though it might a bit late. But he was still excited with the cover up, saying that it would surely intrigue people to want to know more about me.

You couldn't say that he didn't do his work, since he was very good at it. I was surprised when he wanted to represent me, since he handle big named painters and artists. But he wanted me, from the first time that he saw my work at a group exhibition held by a friend of a friend that own a posh gallery down town.

"I already have couple of exhibit scheduled for you for the next three months, I'm emailing our listings now, and I'll cc'd it to you." He sounded giddy on the phone, damn these managers are clearly go getter. But he obviously gets the job done, this was him working for his money. 

Giving him a yes was easier to do, knowing that he was doing this also for my own good. And the money sure made me feel independent enough to support my own, after my marriage  ended with Troy put behind bars for years to come.

That was what I thought four years ago, until last night's incident that made me go back to my parents like coward that I am. Though deep down I said to myself that I was being realistic, thinking I would be safe at my parents.

My psycho ex husband didn't show his true colors, until we were one year into the marriage. I thought that I've found my prince charming, having the looks and the wealth surely made him one in my eyes. My sweet twenty one year old self, was head over heels by his dashing smile and persona. Gone was my virginity, and my adolescence since I was a late bloomer from having an overbearing, over protective sets of parents.

Troy would beat me and told me that I was stupid. It was not until Gina noticed my wounds and start to asks questions about my bruises, and I finally broke down in her arms. I was too afraid to come to my parents, since they adored him so much. I was afraid that I would be blame and that I made myself got beaten by him, because I was indeed not good enough for him. 

But Gina stood by my side when eventually I confess everything to my parents. They hesitated but then Gina told them about my wounds, and show them the recent ones, that was when my dad flipped and called his lawyers and he was arrested hours later.

So, here I was years later back at my parents as Troy was back on the streets. I didn't know how he pulled it off but he was definitely back. Mom and dad were on their way back home. I was having another day to relax and to calm my nerves, before the series of questions from them and their lawyers.

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