The Midnight Trap
The Midnight Trap
Author: StrangeOutcast

Taking off his helmet, Fahad got up from his bike.

The sky was clear, tonight.

With the subtly wind tousling his hair, he began to walk towards the nearest shops while taking small steps. Rarely anyone could be seen around. Fahad could feel the hollow silence aching in his heart as he looked around at the vacant shops and eyed the bored shopkeepers. It felt lonely.

Leisurely walking around, he rounded one corner of the market street and made his way towards a nearby park. It was eerie visiting a park at night, yet he didn't care. It had been his routine for so many years.

Upon reaching the park, he found himself lazily pushing its door open and walking down a narrow dark path. Right down the path was his favourite seat; the park bench. Whenever Fahad had felt overwhelmed by the noise of pain and hurt, he would come to his favourite seat and take a deep breath. It made him relax and just-for once-hide away fromhis worries.

The world seemed too vast and intimidating, sometimes. Every new turn brought forward a different kind of change and anxiety. Fahad wasn't brave enough to face it all. Albeit he had managed to put up a stoic 'courageous' façade and pretend like everything was just alright, it wasn't-he wasn't alright. And this quiet time at the park was the only place where he could show that.

Now pulling out a bag full of sweets from his pocket, he half smirked at how no one would actually believe that he had a childish side and was a candy lover, but he was...had always been. The cold hearts couldn't take that from him. Slowly munching on his sweets, he looked around and sighed.

So many people had let him down, betrayed him. He had often felt so trapped and suffocated. Yet, in this isolation (which was known for hurting many) he was happy and free. The world definitely knew how to make a man feel so low and broken.

The society could destroy...

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