So Nice
So Nice
Author: Pulfola
Chapter one

Tiana's POV

 It was the mid year season again. The time that students gets eager to vacate and start a new session; a new dawn. I grew up to note that you won't realize when you exhaust the season.

But God created that year a different one for me. Instead of being eager for the season to end, I never wanted it to end. Fear came over and changed everyone completely.

My father slipped out a note briskly from one of suitcases and handed it over to my mum. Instantly I felt a pain rush through my body and leaned against the door for support. I had believed in forever, that everything will stay the same.

 But I believed there's a secret and I don't know about this whole thing. I watched them as they kept stealing glances at me while they exchanged papers.

The reality is here for me to face but it wasn't not easy to. What about the memories, the love we shared together, is it just going to crash within a couple of hours? Just then, his phone rang and he stared at me like a thief that stole a seasoning cube in the market before picking it.


 "Hello! Where are you?!" A female voice yelled from the phone aggressively and my mum chuckled. He quickly turned off the loud speaker before continuing his talk with the person.

"Tell her you'll be right back, why's she so eager" my mum rolled her eyes at him and my dad hissed.

"What happens in my life now is none of your fucking business" my dad snapped at her. Their fights had always been my scariest nightmare. My mum was stubborn and rigid, sometimes she'd throw her shoes and other dangerous things at him and he'll hit her back.

People around had always consider us a happy family with the best couple. But there was more to it that they can't see. This divorce would shock and explain things better to them.

"Like it has been?" She confronted him with a question, standing up as if she wanted to fight him. I staggered back for the fear that they might want to start another thing again.

He turned to me as if he wanted to say something but stopped again. I could feel his heartbeat racing like a Mercedes sport car.

A lot of my classmates are from divorced parents as well. A good percentage of them did not take it too emotional like I'm doing. The strong bond between me and my dad is irreplaceable.

I've made up my mind to be stalking him or leave with him to wherever he's going.

I virtually had no friends at all. I was the antisocial type because of the time he devoted for me, I could not have time for friends. I never thought of a day like this.

 I imagined myself fitting with those irritating spoilt kids and I felt like throwing up. He had refused to tell me where he would going since a day before. But I know he'll come for me one day.

Probably his departure is called for. He tried a lot living with my mum all these while. I'll just join him one day.

I don't even know how my dad and I became this close, probably because my mum was buried in her modelling work or my dad wanted to be a large part of my story.

 The look on my dad's face was blank. He wasn't looking sad nor happy. Is he not sad of loosing me?

I don't even know how I'll feel coming back from school tomorrow not to find him at home. Or school hours ending without him coming to pick me up. That implies that it's Bernard that would be taking from school as from tomorrow onwards.

Heartbreaking; I would I face my classmates with numerous wound digging questions like; is it true that your parents are now divorced, wait a minute, did you cry? How did you feel? Oh sorry! I just got to know about your parents divorce.

 Geez how on earth won't I cry.

No one was looking at my direction, they were all engrossed with the divorce file I guess. I don't know how a divorce file looked actually but I think that should be it.

 "Chill Tiana, this something small you can deal with and get over with time" I assured myself.

 Nothing hurts more than this! I wanted to prove strong but it was proving abortive.

 "You will see my lawyer anytime from now, Patience" My father spoken, breaking the goddamn silence.

 She just nod her head and smiled. I knew this was what she wanted all these while. And fortunately for her and unfortunately for me, she got it.

 She  kept acting as if she didn't give a damn about me while making her decision. She should have known it's something that would definitely affect for a life time. But she care less!

 I know my mum, she doesn't give a damn about who gets hurt while she's making her decisions. She's so stubborn, rigid and desperate. That

"Save journey" she winked her nose at him.

 She stood up lazily and dragged her legs nosily along with her. She began to sing a Nigerian juju song titled I don't care. That's song is for the helpless me. She doesn't care about how I feel as long as she hits her target. I'm just an option behind the bars.

My dad took his luggage one by one, I watched in silence still battling with the thought that he would never come back again; it's just too hard to believe.

 When he came back for his last, luggage, he stopped and walked closer to me. He held the both sides of my head and said.

"Dad please don't leave me here, take me along to wherever you're going" I pleaded with a teary voice.

"I'm sorry, I can't. You need to stay by your mum, this is the time she needs you most. You'll be fine okay" He assured.

 "Are you still going to be paying me a visit, even if it's once in a while?" I sniffed, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

 "Okay I promise" he said before pulling me closer for a hug. I soaked his tears hugging like he wanted fly away from me.

 "I'll miss you dad" I cried, crashing in his arms and weeping hopelessly. I cried my pains out. I cried for my new beginning. A phase of my life that I never prepared for.

 He pulled back when my mum called me from the stairs.

 "I might cease to live in this house again but that doesn't change the fact that I am your biological father and your best friend" He concluded before taking his bag, leaving the house for good.

 I slowly watched him till he drove out of sight. I stood there still trying to digest what just happened. Few minutes later, I regained myself. I left for my bedroom for a deep nap, I had enough for the day.

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