Chapter 56: the Ice storm


Protesters filled the streets, wailing. Some stood with angered faces. Everyone had something to say about the headlines of that morning, including Crystal. The news about the secret operation wasn't so secret anymore. The whole country knew about the eighteen dead men that risked their lives to save the kidnapped girls. The nineteenth was a traitor and only the twentieth had lived.

Crystal didn't know what to think or believe. Lade had died in some faraway land and betrayed his country. Sitting at the back seat of the Maybach, she placed the cards together. She put everything Emeka had said from the start and the news of Lade's treachery in one basket. It didn't add up. Lade could kill in cold blood but he was loyal and she knew that.

She didn't want to remember what Emeka said about her past pregnancy. What's to say he didn't lie? Emeka was Lade's bestfriend but he acted like an enemy who held a personal ve

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