Chapter 58: the Ice storm III


The Jama'tu soldiers left us alone upon Shugaba's command. The pain in my chest grew as if something was being drilled into my skin. My lungs weren't strong. I felt weaker than before. It was only a matter of time.

"Agent Lade Adenuga of the ICS, we meet again," Shugaba said, wearing a striking snarl.

He sent his gaze to my wounded arm and flitted it back to my face.

Raising the arm some minutes ago had been tasking but I had no other choice. My weapons were on the ground. His soldiers had dislodged the bullets from inside them.

"I have waited for you."

His brows tipped. "Really?"

"You owe me, soldier. I hate loosing." I flashed a charming smile.

Shugaba eyeballed me and wet his lips. His next action had caught me off guard. He had thrown his weapon to the ground and opened his arms.

"I'm all yours. If you w

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