Chapter 3

After returning home, Sofia went into the bathroom to take a shower, with the exhausted body, she steps under the shower, feeling warm water remove the smell of sweat and all. After a relaxing bath she turns off the shower, but suddenly her feet slipped, and she landed on the hard floor of the bathroom, A small shriek left her mouth, and her leg throbbed with pain.

Trying her best to get up off the floor, but when I got up she found rits in the bathroom with wide eyes, her eye widen as her cheek become red, she immediately grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her, she looked up at Rits with an embarrassed face, but she found that boy still staring at her body.

Rits slowly came toward her .” you are such a sexy babe” he commented.

Sofia smell alcohol from him as she tried to push his away, “ you sick boy leave me “ But it's caged her between his arms and his face inches away from her.

“Why don’t you pay the rent with your body” he whispers in her ears.  

“Leave me you scumbag” she shouted at him trying to free herself, but he pinned here and hovered over her.

“you are just fucking hot,” he said and gripped her hair, pulling them behind Sofia cried in pain.`

“if you are staying in my house you have to return the favour.” 

He was far stronger then her and his grip were painful.

“leave me please” she pleaded she looked around feeling helpless, searching for anything that would help her, When she found nothing, She did the only thing she could, She bites her arms as hard as she could, He screamed in pain. Finally, his hand loosened slightly, and she took advantage of the situation by pushing him away.

She ran out of the bathroom and locked the bathroom from outside. She could hear him pushing the door from his side; it won’t take long till it breaks, Her whole body flooded with adrenaline, and she scurried towards the main door.

 She thought to pack her important thing and leave as fast as she could, but when she heard a crake of the door, she took her mobile and run out leaving all the belonging behind. She ran like crazy person tears rolling down from her eyes. 

Everyone was staring at her as if you were a mad girl, but she couldn’t care less. Her dignity was saved, and she was very grateful for that. Her body shook violently as she remembered the incident.

At last, she called her best friend Riya and told her everything, Riya was kind enough to pick her from the place she was and brought her to her house.


“I am so sorry Sofia “ Riya hugged her best friend as she had tears in her eyes.

Sofia cried in her arms. “I can help you, Sofia, you can live with me “  Sofia shook her head.

”no R-Riya I don’t want to bother you I won’t stay long promise I got a new job I will be earning from tomorrow.”

Riya patted her friends, looking at her with pity.

A day later

Sofia was all ready to join her work from today as she found out that Riya her friend also work on the same place, Riya accompanies her as they both walked on the footpath to reach their workplace.

While she was walking her heard someone called her.

"Miss ?" Sofia looked to the side and saw Mr Martin standing in her direction.

"Mr Martin, what are you doing here?" Sofia went to him to greet him.

"Sofia, we need to go!" Riya reminded her.

“I am sorry, Mr martin, but I have to go, “ she said softly and respectfully.

"What time do you leave work?" Mr Martin asked.

"at 6:00 p.m."

"Then I'll be here at 6:00 PM; we need to talk!"

Sofia did not know what it was, but something good should not be, will he sue me?

Sofia hurried to the cafe, but her head was now occupied with all the bad thoughts, Mr. martin looked very serious.


Great first day at work girl" Mr Jack congratulated Sofia.

"thank you" Sofia revered herself and left, leaving her apron tucked away in her closet.

"See you," said Riya, walking away in the opposite direction as she has other work to do.

"see ya..."

Sofia could feel her heart racing; she had no idea the subject Mr Martin wanted with her, and it frightened her, he was powerful, and the last time she saw him, he was furious; she had never seen him like that. It was so scary.

She saw him sitting at a table far away near the jetty overlooking the sea. Working there was good because it was always a beautiful sight to behold.

"Mr Martin ..." Sofia caught his attention.

"aah Sofia, please sit down," he pointed to the chair in front of him.

"Did you want to talk to me?" her nervousness was over her stomach, her throat dry and her hands wet.

She was staring at him as he stared at the sea ...

"Sir ... I'm sorry, but I have a college in 1 hour, I still have to eat and go home to clean up!" Sofia was embarrassed to say that, but she could not miss class, she could not miss the discount she had on college for lack.

"Hmm, of course! see Sofia, life teaches us that money does not repair everything, life taught me that, but life has different lessons for different people." "What has life taught you, Sofia?"


"Hm ..." Sofia thought, she did not feel comfortable, but she wouldn't stop doing it for Mr Martin who was so good to her. "er ... I think life has taught me ... that there are always difficulties to be overcome, and that failure is not an option."

Sofia felt the weight of her words; she had never stopped to think about it; she did not have time to think about things like that; she had to survive ...

"Life is hard on you, isn't it, my dear?" Mr Martin said, looking at Sofia now.

She did not answer anything; she just looked at him with a serious face; she I did not understand where that conversation would arrive.

She looked at her watch and was startled to see that it had been 20 minutes, she was going to be late.

"I will not take your time anymore; I will be direct!" Mr Martin was serious now.

"I need your help. Sofia, things are not easy, and I know you can help me and I can help you."

She stared at Mr Martin with a strange look; there was nothing she could offer him.

"Help with what?"

"with my son."

"what?" Sofia gave a strange sound of surprise. "I do not see how this is possible, Mr Martin, pardon."

"Miss, you are one of the most responsible and educated women I know, honest and humble, hardworking, and never gives up." Mr Martin looked at his own hands in shame. "and my son ... he harmed you, and since then, I can not sleep knowing that I have harmed you."

"that's not true sir; it's not your fault.

"Yes, my son's education is my fault, but since his mother died ... he has not been the same, he has drunk more, spent more, arranged more problems and has been left aside even by his friends. "

"You may think all this is silly, but he is my most precious asset, more than my company. And I want your help; he does not listen to me."

"and you want me to ... ????" Sofia asked suspiciously.

"that you teach him to be more like you."

Sofia laughed nervously and covered her mouth quickly to contain herself.

"Sorry sir Martin, but this is crazy!"

"It's not, you're capable, and these things are taught, I need help. Obviously, I failed."

"With all due respect, your son needs a psychologist, not me!"

"Believe it or not, he's been in therapy for a year now, since his mother died, but he's been missing sessions, and I have no health to run after Vernon."

"So you want me to be a nanny to your son?"

"No, I want you to be his teacher, he used to like going to college, but now he does not even care about it anymore, he was such a good boy, but very attached to his mother, and when she was gone, my little Vernon was gone together. "

Sofia could not help but feel sorry for Mr Martin, but that idea was absurd, it made no sense.

That boy hates me, the last person on earth he's going to respect is me.

"Please help me; I'll help you by paying your college in full time, and please help with your bills, even though I think you'd better come and live with us in the house."

Sofia's eyes widened in surprise ...

"Sir, again with all respect, are you sick of the head?"

Mr Martin laughed; he likes the way Sofia is, he wishes her to be his daughter too.

"No, but I'm from the heart, it does not work so well, and that's why I'm asking for help, Vernon can not be orphaned the way he is, he would freak out. Friends are willing to help, but they are rich, and they end up taking him for trips and parties and doesn't help."

"That's not what he needs; he needs someone like you to teach how life can be tough, and I permit you to do whatever you want with him as long as it helps to educate him."

Tempting... give some pinch in that kid!

"Sorry sir, I do not think I can do that, no matter how tempting it may be, I can not accept that too!"

"Do not refuse yet, please think and then tell me!"

Sofia took a deep breath and nodded; she had to run to college.

"Do not worry?" Mr Martin said as if reading her mind. "my the driver will take you wherever you want, and I'm sorry for my son, his attitude has cost you your job, so I want to help you, even more, I need to redeem myself."

Sofia smiled uneasily and left.

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