Chapter 4

Vernon was driving furiously on the road as if the road was his; again he had fought with his father, he could not stand those shit.

Gulping down the sixth bottle of liquor down his throat, his fist slammed down on the counter. Ordering and drinking more and more, he was nowhere to stop any near. All he knew was the pain, the pain that was killing him inside, Burning every part of his body  and the fire burning inside him to take revenge was overpowering his body and he desperately needed to take it out of him. He wanted to put the whole world on fire and watch it burn till it turned into ashes before his eyes."More!! GIVE ME MORE!!!"

Startling, the Bartender started to make more for him. His hands somehow shaking in fear even though he was much used to all this shit that happens in this club since this club was the most popular one in this whole city. He was living for one thing, and that was to kill the person who was behind his mother’s death.

 his the purpose was to find the bastard who did it with his mother, ran over her and left without even giving her any help.

Letting her die alone ...


since his life has been an endless mess, living drunk, different women every day, he had dropped out of college, and his friends were harassing him, saying he had changed.

Of course, he has changed  ... Death changes people!

Vernon smirked sarcastically. nothing makes sense anymore.

the fight this time was for wasting his money in parties and clubs, nothing too big, his father was rich; the fight was not exactly for the money but the irresponsible attitude.

"You're 22 years old, and you do not have any judgment" his father's voice echoed in his mind, he tried to hear that voice and got up, paid for the drinks and went out into the streets, even abandoning his car.

he was kind of dizzy with the drink, he was playing with women in the street, some liked it, and some didn't, Vernon was handsome and he knew it, which increased his attitude as an asshole with women, he used them and discarded them, that's how it should be in his head.

Without feelings without pain.

"money can never buy happiness son, it will destroy you !" that was what his mother used to tell him, and she was right.

She was always right.

It would be so much easier to end it all and find my mother on the other side ...

He took a deep breath and looked to the side when he heard someone crying; someone upset his moment. Vernon looked away, not believing what he saw.

of course ... it could only be, the restaurant girl.

he stared at her with contempt, but the girl cried in despair and his expression softened.

Why is she like this? 

Good, this is none of your business Vernon!

his thoughts were interrupted by Asher with an's call.


"Vernon? come here to my place, the others are coming too. please, we do not see each other for a long time."

"I do not know  bro."


Vernon breathed and thought ...



The week had passed faster than Sofia needed, and now it was Friday, and she did not know what to do, Riya's roommate would come back, and Sofia had to leave. The desperation bothered her again.

What do I do now?

Sofia was sitting on the floor of the apartment looking at the wall, Riya preparing dinner, her last dinner with her new friend! Riya had been very good to her these days, always helping and comforting Sofia.

"I still think you should accept Mr. Martin's proposal ..." Riya put the food on the table and began to serve.

"But ... this is crazy, I can not teach anything to that boy."

"Well, you do not have much to lose, do you?"

She is right.

Sofia picked up the phone and typed Mr Martin's number.

"Mr Martin, can we talk?"

I'm glad you came, Sofia." Mr Martin guided her to a large, comfortable chair, Sofia sat up unsteadily and waited for the conversation to continue.

"Glad you thought of my proposal."

"I'm going to be very sincere Mr Martin, I'm accepting because I have nowhere else to run, I've been evicted and the job is not helping me pay for everything."

"Of course, I understand!"

"you do?"

"I was, poor, little girl, I was not born rich like my son, I will help you with everything you need, I have even arranged your room in the house, next to my son's bedroom, the second floor is yours."

the idea of ​​living in the same house as that brat who helped ruin her life even more frightened Sofia.


Vernon was coming home, his father had called him, and said it was urgent. As he did not want to fight anymore, he gave in and was coming back.

he left the girl who was with him anywhere and gave her some money, she did not seem to mind

Vernon entered his father's office, and at first, the sight frightened him, that little restaurant girl was sitting with her father in the living room.

 What the fuck?

 Vernon walked slowly into the room, cautious, that could not be good, was that no one was using them? It was no surprise, plus one wanting their money.

"What's up to father?" he went straight, did not want to waste much time there, his friends were waiting for him to go to a party.

"Sit down; we need to talk."

"Not again ..." Vernon rolled his eye.

"Vernon did not call you to fight, so behave, we have a visit."

"I do not see any; I see only one scammer!"

his words hurt Sofia, she had never been called that, because she was not one.

"Listen here you're... your ..."

"Vernon!" Mr Martin interrupted. "respect the girl; she's here to help."

"to help?" Vernon laughed dryly "only if it's going to help mess things up, obviously it's the only thing she knows how to do."

Sofia already regretted being there, her blood warmed more and more.

That spoiled brat!

she mentally twiddled her eye over and over again.

"spare me; I'm here concerning your father"

"Yes, of course," Vernon said, not believing any words coming out of that pretty mouth.

she's cute, I guess ... but it isn't enjoyable and a golddigger.

"son, this girl is Sofia, she is a friend of mine, and she is here to help you, she will be your ... teacher, she will help you to be humble and respect others, to return with your life in the axes . "

  Vernon started laughing; this could be only a joke, his bellyached with so much he laughed, while the other two just stared at him seriously.

"Is this serious? This is bullshit! You have overcome your actions, father."

 Vernon got up from the chair and was leaving the room.

"I have not finished with you, Vernon, sit, now!" his father said firmly.

Vernon took a deep breath and turned and sat back against his will.

"From now on, you will listen to everything she says to you, and you will respect her as if she were your schoolteacher. What she says will be the rule!"

"You must be kidding me, father!"

"No, I'm very serious, and I'm going to start by cutting your credit cards and getting your car; I talked to Miss Sofia, and she thinks it's okay for you to get a job and get back to college, and that's what you'll do if you do not want to be taken of the will and receive nothing from me. "

"That's bullshit, dad!."

"enough of these words here Vernon, you will respect me for better or for worse, and more importantly, you will learn to respect yourself."

"enough of that gentle life you lead, Miss Sofia believes that work exalts man, so you will work and study."

"Would Miss Sofia like to fuck my life with anything else?" Vernon said wryly looking at Sofia.

"No," she said, smiling synergistically as well.

"She will live with us."

"what?" Vernon shouted.

"Believe me; I did not like that either," she said, looking down at the floor.

"Uhmm, it looks like you would not want to have a peaceful life," Vernon replied.

"Look here your brat, if there's something I do not have; it's a soft life, I wake up early to work and study until late, barely sleep and barely eat!"

 Vernon was startled by the girl's tone and stay in silence. Since he'd seen her crying, he felt a little guilty for having messed her up at her job.

"Thanks to you I got fired, and I have nowhere to go."

Shit! Did I make her get fired? That's why my dad is doing it ... because of fault! I hope this does not last long.

"Do you understand me well, Vernon?" Mr Martin repeated loudly and kindly to his son.

 Vernon nodded without saying anything, disagreeing would not help.

"You will study at the same college; I will try to solve this today!"

"WHAT????" the two said together in surprise.

"Yes, it will be easier, the more coexistence you have, the easier the process."

"I'm not sure about this" Sofia commented softly.

Mr Martin laughed.

Damn, my dad likes this beggar.

"tomorrow you will be looking for a job Vernon and I will only allow you to keep seeing your friends because they agreed to help in all this, we all want the old Vernon back."

"I'm sorry dad, but that Vernon died with my Mom." Vernon got up and went to the door.

"then maybe we have to build a new and better Vernon!" his father said before Vernon left the room.

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