Better Love In A Photo
Better Love In A Photo
Author: Ladipo Michael

Chapter 01


 "You're hurting me Gray!" Zoey screamed,her pain of agony filling the mansion but her lover proved adamant to her pains rather kicking her consistently with his shoe across her stomach. His handsome face morphed into fury and his innocent eyes turning monstrous as he abused her till the very least his energy could carry.

 He stopped to catch his breath whilst by that time her skin had already rumpled into bruises from his merciless beatings. He breathed out the air hanging in his throat certain he has done justice to her.

"Unless you want to be dead by sunset don't fire that perverted manager of yours!" He stated calmly like he hadn't done anything wrong,adjusting his blue suit before walking over her.

 She heard the door cling to it's lock as he exited.  Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she assisted herself to the couch. She couldn't believe her fiance's insecurities could make him conclude she was having an affair with her manager.

 You can easily conclude she was abused and of course necessary actions should be taken against this domestic violence but this young lady or we would rather say,this famous actress Zoey Johansson was helpless. Her fiance was a menace she could not get rid off.

 Gray Robertson,son of famous billionaire family,her betrothed in whom her own billionaire family formed alliance with . The Robertson's were simply business partners with her family at first until the sudden love interest She had in their only son hence,birthing the alliance of marriage. 

 Grey was the perfect man,a man every lady could dream of. So sweet,gentle and pure like a dove that she inevitably fell for him deeply. But once her career bloomed, He'd changed drastically from a perfect gentleman to a monster in disguise,yet she couldn't stop herself from loving him,she couldn't rise to the world to tell the tale of how son of famous billionaire Gray Robertson abused her daily!. All she only prayed for,was that one day she could make him realise his mistakes,that she would one day have that perfect gentleman in whom she fell in love with back. Even in his atrocious ways all she had left is hope!.


 "I'm sorry,Daniel. I hate to say but I am in no need of your services anymore." Mr. Clinton,editor in Chief of Glamour magazines uttered as he trailed the path to his office while Daniel,his employee chased after him with brisk steps and unsettled emotions.

"But shoot received commendations!" Daniel protested hoping his boss would at least consider.

"Yes!..." Mr Clinton yelled as he face him,almost banging his door from discrete displeasure. "But not good enough for me!,young man. There are many other photographers better than you,besides,I think I already have too much photographers For my magazine." Daniel watched with his heart broken as he heard his boss's final words. "Daniel,I'm only giving you some time off that's all. I'm not firing you." Mr. Clinton finished,heading straight to his office and without hesitation slamming his door shut. On that note,he let out a sigh that explained just how frustrated he was.

  He walked hopelessly on streets of New York with depressive thoughts filling his head. Of course suicide is not the way but when will he not resign to it?;all his life has been rejection upon rejection,no matter how firm he stood the world always stood against him!.

 As he walked across a garden,he found a space to sit beside this lady who covered herself with her black hood and a fashioned black glass to totally shield her face from any recognition.

  He had barely begun to be burdened by his own problems when her gentle sobs were obvious to his ears. He looked at her for a while.... Perhaps,he could share a conversation with her;for a lady to cry silently in an open area,she must really be going through a lot. 

"Here..." He offered her a cappuccino as he stood in her front with a comforting smile. He observed her hesitation as she kept her stare on the coffee. "Don't worry it's not poisoned,I bought it across that Coffee shop there." He poised his fingers across the direction.

 She smiled, gracefully relieving his hands off the cup.

"Thank you" She softly mentioned. He grinned before sitting beside her once again with his cup in his hand.

"I don't really know your taste so don't mind me being bland." He muttered. She looked at the cream Coffee with a smile. 

"it's fine. I like it this way." He heard her say.

"I noticed you were sad,sort of crying. I'm sorry if I'm being a pry but you can tell me what's wrong..." He stopped midway as he saw her cold countenance. "Or we can simply drink our coffee in peace." He finished nervously. Of course he was such a fool thinking of sharing a stranger's problem although he still stangely felt the need to talk to her.

"Life is  not pure Bliss,you know." He started as he stared at his Coffee oblivious she was staring at him. "I wish I could just go back to the days when I was young,when I had no responsibilities,when I was the one being cared for." She observed a faint smile on his face. "I thought coming to New York would be a dream come true,a place where I can actively pursue my passion. My mother would occasionally warn me of choosing other paths,like engineering, medicine or perhaps law but instead I chose creative arts, Photography." She adjusted herself,interested in the rest of his story. "Of course she supported my passion and look at me today....a man living in a ridiculously small room,living a wretched life and of course suspended from my work today." He sighed heavily as he glanced at her briefly. He was at least happy she was paying attention to his depressing story.

"Now I feel like,if I'd listened to my mother perhaps I would have led a better life."

"Or not." She added. She finally uttered a word. "Like you said,life is not Pure Bliss. Change is a constant thing and this phase of life You're living is simply a test of time. I am certain things will get better for you." Daniel watched her face curve into a smile.

"If you're so optimistic then I don't understand why a lady like you should be crying." He laughed in response.

"Although my problems are not as depressive as yours,no offence." She chuckled but with a sad countenance. "Imagine you love someone so deeply then at a point things go bizarre. Your partner that once loved you now turns cold towards you,the sweet person you fell in love with now becomes a source of bitterness. Yet you still love that person."

"I don't really know much about love ..." Daniel chuckled. "But I do know that every relationship comes with it's hurdles. I would surely ask my partner what has gone wrong,if it's a genuine reason then we'll both fix it but if not...." His voice trailed off. "Then I think it's time for that relationship to end. Although it can be hard and painful but with time,it will get better." They both shared gazes at each other. "Besides,I just feel one shouldn't get too attached to someone emotionally because once that person leaves you..."

"You become a wreck" She finished his statement. He shot a satisfactory smile. He checked his watch with his eyes widened.

"Shit I'm late!." He muttered. "Anyways..I think it was nice talking to you. My name is Daniel." He grinned whilst she smiled sheepishly. 

She contemplated on telling him her name,already certain how he would react.

"Zoey Johansson." She replied.

"Zoey Johansson?!." He rose to his stance with a frown, preparing to leave. "You're the actress who played Tales of a forbidden love!." He grinned. "Give me the honors to say I was totally captivated by your movie and it's a pleasure talking to you." He played the brightest smile on his face before pausing abruptly with deep concern.  "Also,I don't think any man who makes you cry is worthy or even deserves you. So please don't give this secret lover yours give you an heartache huh." 

She smiled courteously "Th...Thanks for the coffee." She stuttered as her eyes remained glued to this dark coloured man,moderately built with broad shoulders one could find comfort in. His brown irises shone brightly,like one who is ready to conquer the world,His neatly lot cut hair that seemed to coil and most especially,the heartwarming smile he wore. She expected him to act like one of those fanatics who will rather ask for an autograph or the very least a photo but he....he was different.

"Speaking of which...I don't know if you'll be interested but I can give you agencies in need of people like you." She rose up to him. "Here..." She handed him a business card. "If you ever consider, that's my number."  His jaw dropped.  "It was nice talking to you too. Goodbye Daniel." She muttered before touring away.

 He watched still awestruck with her blissful scent still dwelling the air till she disappeared into the crowds. He stared at the card in disbelief,somehow he felt his life was going to change drastically from this small meeting.

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