Chapter 52


"Where are you?!"

Daniel sighed,glaring wearily at his iPhone that brightened from his wife's message that popped on his screen. He tossed his phone across his desk from mild irritation.

Eight years. Within a span of this period a lot had happened,things had changed. He could start with him rising to a managerial post in one of GT bank's head office. All appraisal to Funke. Back then, he had appreciated her efforts and affection for him until his mother proposed the idea of marriage. He disagreed vehemently but as time passed with Funke continuing her sweet actions. Pressure from both sides,he eventually succumbed for one reason. To repay the debts as she had already done a lot for he and his family.

His marriage was blissful when it just bloomed. Although as it aged,Joy became a news of the past,peace ceased to reign. All that replenished their marriage was ceaseless arguments and

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