Daniel dressed his son,John, in the same outfit he was donning. A classic short sleeves dark blue T-shirt layered with a dark green bomber jacket. On a blue slim fit jean and black Chelsea boots to complement it all.  He shot his son a bright smile once he had finished dressing him up.

"There! My little Johnny looks stunning." Daniel gestured with a wink while John grinned sheepishly. The boy's eyes flowed to Funke who stood behind them.

"Mommy!" John pulled away from his grasp and up to his mother. Daniel arose to his stance shooting his divorced wife a faint smile. They've been divorced for two months now but they still went on vacations together. Only for John's sake. During this months,he resigned from his managerial position and resumed his work in photography. He was also based in New York with his son while Funke remained in Nigeria with a working class job. H

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