Chapter 02


The setting was based in a medium sized room covered in grey metal walls proud enough to reflect even the littlest sound. Not much credit could be said for the lighting,as it shone dimly encrusted in the concrete ceiling above. CCTVS also installed at every corner of the room. And there lies the metal table rigidly standing at the center accompanied with two metal chairs. One she sat on with her hands cuffed and the other,the detective whose face showed just how impatient he's grown.

"With all due evidence,it is hereby certified that you killed your husband!." Said the detective whose voice contained disappointment and his haunting narrowed gaze.

"No!" Zoey gasped. "I didn't kill him!. He was so dear to me,he was my angel,my guardian,the love of my life. Why would I kill such a man?" She cried further,her handkerchief already soaked by the previous tears and her wrist occasionally sending discrete pain from the cuffs.

The Detective growled almost banging his fist from frustration and tiredness. "All evidence points to you woman!. Just admit your wrongs and stop moving around circles.!!" 

"Cut!!...." The Director named Keery announced midway causing both of them to relax. "Alright. Let's all take a break!."  

Most of the crew and cast began to disperse from their duty, obviously tired from the day's shoot.

Her PA sharply rushed to the scene with a grin on her face while the others set a chair,groomed her face with makeup,tidied her hair,and served her a drink.

"That was very impressive,Zoey." Director Keery muttered with a satisfactory smile displayed on his face.

She simply grinned. "Thank you very much,Keery." He nodded courteously before taking his leave.

"You have a visitor,Zoey" Her PA uttered sharply in a fine tone of British accent as she approached her with a courteous smile.

"I'm in no shape to meet anyone, Trisha." She sighed lightly brushing strands of her dyed black hair tiredly;Although it was long and straight but she hated her golden brown curly hair dyed to black,if not for the movie she would certainly wash it away. "This place suddenly feels stuffy" She added with discomfort evident in her voice and immediately a worker came with an extra fan. She gently took a sip of her pineapple juice as she relaxed further on the chair.

" might want to see this person. It's Lizzy." Trisha responded in a pleading tone.

"What!,...Lizzy is here??" Her eyes shot up instantly feeling a profound excitement coursing through her. She wondered why her best Friend decided to pay her this surprise visit.

"How much time do I have left before the shoot resumes??" She asked instantly jumping to her heels.

"Uhmm..." Trisha searched through her file adjusting her glasses briefly. "About an hour.."

"Great!" Zoey responded hurriedly before walking briskly to the exit door. 

"Zoey,you are still wearing your costume!." Trisha raised her voice while the actress scamper gently on her heels in her long flair blue gown.

"It's fine!..." Her voiced pitched throughout the room while others watched wondrously.


"What in Christ's name are you doing here??" Zoey burst out with a playful tone as they threw their bodies against themselves. 

"And what in the hell are you doing with your costume on??" The short  haired blonde lady retorted with a chuckle. "Girl you remain the craziest I've ever known." They both let out a mild laughter.

"But seriously Lizzy,you know I'm working and I don't like being distracted." Zoey pouted.

"Oh shut up... checking up on you is my utmost priority, especially when I've not seen my best friend for days now!." Lizzy rolled her eyes. "C'mon let's go grab something to eat."

"Nahh..." She wriggled her head. "I'll rather take a walk." 

"How about this?" Lizzy gestured energetically. "We have a sit by that Riverside. It's cool right?,cos I'm not ready to take a walk on this stilettos!" Lizzy laughed referring to her 7 inch red heels as she dragged her friend towards the sit.

"So how are you coping with Gray?" Lizzy asked with concern after they had scooped cups of ice cream on their chair  She sighed heavily,staring deeply at the river across.

"Same demon as usual." Her eyes dropped as she mentioned those words. "He's out on a business trip though,and probably be back in a week time."

Lizzy sighed too with a saddened eyes. "You're suffering too much,Zoey. I'm a reporter just give me the go ahead and I'll get that bastard behind bars!. You've waited too much for him to change."

She sighed, inwardly appreciating her friend's care but no matter how much Lizzy tried to convince she still loves Gray. She still hopes for him to be a better man.

"I can't." She glanced at her friend. "I love him,besides,he's done so much for me. Perhaps this is just a stage we must pass through."

"Violence and abuse against you is what you call a stage??. Seriously Zoey!,you of all people should be enlightened. I don't think he has any love nor respect for you anymore."

"Even if,even if you file a lawsuit or I do it...the Robertson's are no easy family to meddle with. At the end,something this small would turn out to be trivial and I don't want that. I don't want to involve my family,my career or yours in all these." Zoey responded.

"Then just break up with him..." They both shared gazes at each other. She knew her friend was right but she just couldn't end things with Gray Robertson,she loves him too much that she'd be an emotional wreck if things are finally over. Not to forget her family and Gray's has already formed an alliance. Taking such sudden decisions would be drastic.

"I know it's hard for you but if things get worse...I won't hesitate." 

"I need you to understand please."

She asked pleadingly. "That's why I have you to support me. So please don't ruin my mood now,I have a shoot in less than an hour."

"Oh honey...I'm sorry." Lizzy placed her head on her shoulder. They both stared at the river in silence with different thoughts scaling their mind.

"This Man is so passionate. I've been staring at him for about 30 minutes now and he's so devoted to....."

"Wait...who the hell are you talking about?" Zoey interjected with a puzzled look. Lizzy raised her head up staring at her friend's puzzled look with dismay.

"The man by the river bank of course. Girl you're turning blind to not have seen him." 

Zoey focused on him rather than listen to her friend's teasing. Chocolate skinned, pompadour black curly hair, and a camera taking shots. Her face lit instantly with a tiny smile on her face.

"Wait I know this guy..." She obliviously mentioned with excitement. 

"You know him?. Well that works well for me because I'm leaving,I've got work to catch up on." Lizzy answered with a light sigh,jumping to her heels stealthily whilst Zoey's attention had already driven towards him. "Rather than sit idly dumb head. Just go meet him!." Lizzy squeaked. Zoey chuckled before hugging each other briefly. She watched her friend leave before touring towards him.


"Daniel..." He heard the voice call softly. He knew that voice,that lovely tone that made his heart skip. 

"Zoey!..." He turned sharply to her with a wide grin before giving her a friendly hug. "How are you?!..." He asked so emphatically  and his happy gestures.

"Splendid..." She chuckled when she briefly checked herself. "I see you're having pleasure taking photos." Her eyes gazed at the camera he hung on his neck before viewing the nature trails surrounding them.

"Oh..." He chuckled too. "Nature is a beautiful work of art,you'll agree with me." His eyebrow danced as he asserted.

"Yeah...although I'm quite angry with you." She shot a skeptical look.

"May I know where I went wrong?" He asked immediately alongside a frown.

"I was expecting your call,remember I told you I know some agencies..." She responded but his eyes lowered a bit. Now he knew where he'd gone wrong.

"Actually,I appreciate the help and concerns but...." He stopped taking a brief look at her. "I didn't want to burden you or perhaps I rejected the offer because I thought you did it out of pity" 

She stared at him in dismay,many people would surely jump at the offer but he...he simply declined all because of his dignity and philosophical thoughts. No doubt he could tell she was surprised!.

"Oh..." He heard her say but something in that soft voice of hers still contained disappointment. "But just so you know, I did it because I wanted to help." She finished her sentence with a lowered look.

"I'm so sorry. Forgive me for the wrong impression" He responded with a grin. 

"No you don't need to, it's totally fine. I respect your decision." She stuttered.

"You're angry..." He concluded,he was no fool to detect that but she protested. "Then if you're not angry, you're disappointed." 

She sighed resigning to his truth.

"Maybe..." She softly whispered as she stared into his brightly brown Iris.

"If it will make you happy...then I'm taking your offer." He grinned again while she smiled.


She loved the way he smiled,the way he was at ease and most especially the weirdly feeling of sweetness around him.

"I don't think that's enough.." she teased with her cheek burning pink.

"How about a cup of coffee?" He asked.

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