Chapter 03


"I hope you don't mind it's a cup of coffee I can afford for a lady like you." He grinned as they sat opposite each other close to the transparent glass window at their side.

"It's totally fine Daniel. Besides,you should consider yourself a lucky man..." 

"Because I'm having a conversation with a star?" He interjected with a slight frown on his face.

"No!..." She laughed briefly. "Because,you discovered my coffee taste the first day we met." 

"First time I followed my heart and not my head,I won the heart of Zoey Johansson." He gestured with a chuckle making her laugh too.

"My heart?" She asked amidst her laughter.

"Technically,not your heart but at least I earned your beautiful smile." He poised his finger at her lips but maintained his distance.

Her eyes moved away from his immediately she heard that. She could swear he would see her blush and that will be so embarrassing for her.

"Your hair looks different..." He stated with a stern face before taking a gentle sip of his coffee.

"Yeah... the character I'm playing rocks this hair." She sighed tiredly. "Honestly,I hate it and I just can't wait till the production is over." 

"Hmmm..." He dropped his cup on the table. "I don't mean to be flirtatious but this hair..." He stopped to gaze at her. "Looks so beautiful on you" 

She shot a skeptical look trying to read his expression but all his eyes displayed were admiration and friendly love. "Is that a polite complement or this is you just being you?" She interjected.

He raised his hands up with a slight smile. "This is me just being me!" 

She remained silent for a while as she studied him. Still reluctant whether to trust his words or not.

"Thank you" she whispered.

"I don't mean to pry..." He started with his eyes endlessly moving between the table and his coffee. "I hope things worked out with this person you love?" 

A sudden wave of pain struck in her chest as she looked at him hesitantly;she wasn't sure whether to talk or not. Her best friend Lizzy was the only one who knew about Gray's monstrosity. But there he was,looking so caring,so innocent and concerned about his question. She had no choice but to at least give an answer.

"Yeah..." She mentioned nervously,unable to meet his eyes. "Everything is going perfectly well. I'm glad things worked out actually" She took a sip of her coffee hoping he wouldn't inquire more about the issue. And thank Goodness he didn't go further when he simply nodded.

"Shoot,I'm late!" She exclaimed as her eyes glanced at her phone beeping it's reminder.

"Oh my God..I'm sorry" He responded immediately with concerns filling his tone. Joining her as they both walked to the exit.

"No it's fine." She chuckled. "Besides,I enjoyed the conversation." She added as they both walked out of the coffee shop. 

"Wouldn't it be improper of a gentleman like me to not at least escort you?" He asked as they stepped out.

She gazed at him amusingly before tugging at his arm with a smile. "You're a proper gentleman, Daniel. I guess I'll see you around then." She softly uttered as she walked away from him.


  He couldn't stop himself from grinning like a fool as she toured away from him. He wouldn't lie,he was greatly attracted to her and somehow he wanted to know more about her.


"Idris!!" Daniel yelled tiredly as he entered into his apartment. It was just a large room that had one big transparent window as it's wall at the far end. Other parts were mostly scanty,just the regular painting his friend,Idris,had, the rickety king size bed complemented with a few simple furniture and his precious steel stringed Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar hanging by his bedside. 

He wondered how his friend didn't get irritated at the music that blared throughout the room,instead He danced carefreely as he painted on his board.

"You back!. Welcome." Idris yelled for him to hear but Daniel rather fumed at his friend's actions. He switched off the music with a hiss escaping his lips before glaring at Idris who grinned sheepishly.

"Idris,you really have to stop playing your music at high levels. We could get sued by our neighbors" Daniel gestured hopelessly.

"Oh c'mon it's just music. Music doesn't kill!" Idris teased whilst Daniel fell to his bed.

"Just don't come running to me to pay a fine" Daniel responded. He pulled out the card from his drawer, Zoey's card. He smiled like one who is enchanted as he stared at the card. Although he promised her he would take her offer but now he still hesitated. He loves his job dearly,taking up her offer would mean a bigger world. A world of glamour perhaps and he just isn't ready for that.

"How was your day?. This one wey you dey smile so.." Idris spoke Pidgin as they occasionally did when they were home.

"It was fine." Daniel shot his friend a knowing glance.

"E sure me say na girl you meet." Idris dragged a stool to sit,already taking interest in the gist.

"Young man don't even disturb yourself cos as you see me so I don tire,lemme rest." Daniel hissed with a slight chuckle.

" and all these babes ehn,there is God oo" Idris laughed with a cunning look.

"Abeg wetin we go chop jare." 

"Eba!...e be like say small garri still dey." 

"Ope oo..." Daniel exclaimed. "Hunger don dey waya me tey tey"



"Where are you coming from?" 

"Jesus!" Zoey screamed,switching on the lights of the parlour only to reveal Gray sitting on one of the fine couches with a glass of whiskey across his hand whilst his right leg were crossed over his left giving space for his Louis Vuitton shoe to gleam and his red suit complementing them. 

"You startled me. How are you even here,I thought you were gone for a week?" He glared at her immediately.

"I said...." He growled in a threatening tone. "where are you coming from?" Gray asked regardless of her questions. Although he should be gone for a week but apparently he seemed to have forgotten an important file.

"Where else?,work of course." Zoey answered nervously.

"You haven't fired that perverted manager of yours yet. You're daring me Zoey." He bellowed his words with an hateful tone.

She swallowed her saliva down her throat. Her feet began to turn cold whilst her hands slowly trembled.

"Whatever you think is going on with my manager and I is absolutely wrong,Gray. I'd never cheat on you." 

He gave a brief laugh of mockery. "Funny you're saying that." He paused raising his glass to his eyes. "I happened be around your supposed shooting location and you would be surprised at what I saw." He glared at her devilishly. "A man making my Zoey Johansson blush!." 

Her face exclaimed. She maintained her distance away from him knowing fully well things were about to go ugly. 

"He's a friend of mine!" She stuttered,a flash memory of Daniel springing up in her head.

"Shut up you bitch!!!" Gray growled furiously without hesitation as he threw his glass across her face.  She let out a shrieking tone as it shattered into pieces when it smashed against her before she slumped to the ground unconscious.

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