Chapter 05



"Daniel!. I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?" Mr. Clinton dropped the file in his hands on his desk as the young ebony entered into his office.

"I was uhm....I was occupied with some issues." He lied. Back to the morning,he was sleeping lazily on his rickety bed when his boss's call came in. Idris had gone for his daily business,he had to clean the whole room,take a bath and face a bit of traffic before arriving at his boss's.

Mr. Clinton pinched the area between his eyebrow before resigning to his swivel chair, beckoning Daniel to have a seat too.

"First of,I would like to say a big thank you for the care you showed me during my recovery. It means a lot to me."

"Oh no sir." Daniel chuckled lightly. "It's no big deal. I believe you would have done same for me too." 

Mr. Clinton raised an eyebrow. "I'm not quite sure." He grinned,forcing a nervous chuckle out of Daniel.

"But I have to thank you cause it's means a lot for me. I can't believe none of my workers came to check up on me. It was only you,even when I fired suspended you." 

Daniel moved his eyes to the desk coughing up a bit;Everyone knew Clinton,he was such a strict boss with a very high placement of money over anything else. That's why his statement didn't bother him much.

"Anyways,I'll be straight to talks. I called you here for two things...." Daniel played with his fingers beneath the desk. He was clearly hoping his boss is going to rehire him and perhaps give him a meagre Job to handle.

"I know for sure you don't have any job at the moment. Hence,I'm rehiring you..." 

"My goodness!,thank you so much Mr. Clinton!" Daniel cut the man short with his exciting countenance. "Thank you so much!"

"Will you let me finish!" Clinton cleared his throat. "I have an important job for you. It's a really big one,I do hope you can handle it." 

Daniel scrunched up his face in confusion. Nevertheless,he instantly gave his answer.

"I can assure you"

"Your assurance is not enough!, I need you to put effort. I'm giving you this job because I've got a handful of contracts to work on and I find you and your work trustworthy and satisfying." Mr. Clinton sighed while Daniel waited patiently for his boss's next order.

"I've recommended you to be the Photographer for an upcoming entertainment magazine going to be shot in Paris. It's a huge one,Daniel. I know you have a bit of experience in such but this is your first big project, Don't mess it up!." Clinton popped his face closer with a narrowed gaze and an overly strict voice. But Daniel froze!. This is the biggest of his career!. He's never handled such a job that requires countless stress,work,and efforts in his life!. How then was he going to walk his way around this job without disappointing his boss?!.

"I know what you're thinking,young man."  Mr. Clinton cut his thoughts midway. "Luckily,I have a friend of mine in Paris. He's going to show you the ropes. Don't worry."  

"Thank you so much Mr. Clinton. I'll make sure I don't disappoint you." 

His boss let out a short laugh.

"If you fail,just be ready to kiss your job goodbye. All expenses would be handled by the company. Your ticket is ready and you'll be joining the team in two days time. So make sure you pack your necessities. Do check your mail also,the editor in chief and some other formalities have also been in your inbox.

That will be all for now."

Daniel simply nodded. He was about to exit when his boss's voice pitched out again.

"Don't mess it up.." 

  On a normal day,he would spend his time visiting new places in the city and then take pictures alongside a note of small intriguing facts about the place,thing or whatever it was he took photo of. And then when he arrives his small home,he would assemble the photos in form of a photo album or make his own partial magazine. Call him old fashioned,he loved doing it anyways. 

But today was different,rather than tour places in the beautiful city of New York he trotted swiftly with astonishing speed to his home. He barged into the building,turned up music to an appropriate level,dancing in tune with his Naija Jazz whilst packing his stuffs into his brown skinned leather luggage box.

"Hold up!, Hold up!, Hold up!" Idris suddenly appeared from Goodness knows where,tuning the home theatre to a barely noticeable volume. Daniel grunted as he glared at his friend. Idris shot a cunning smile in return.

"Dis one wey you dey play music and dancing like masquerade. Wetin sup?!" Idris approached him,turning the small metal chair backwards so his elbows rested on the chair's head.

Daniel's frown easily morphed into a face full of excitement. He dropped to the bed while his friend's eyes danced in curiosity. He held his words back while Idris cocked his head waiting for him to spill the beans.

"I'm going to Paris...." He spat out sharply. There was a brief moment of silence between the two before Idris's eyes lit up and his jaw dropped accompanied with a smile that revealed his brown teeth.

"It's a lie!" Idris roared jumping off his seat.

"I'm serious man!...I'm going to Paris." Daniel burst into laughter too. 

"How,when,where?!!" Idris gestured. Daniel beckoned him to sit before he recapped the whole morning incident to his friend.

"Congratulations man. Just don't screw it up." Idris patted his shoulders before returning to the theater. Increasing the music to his accustomed taste;ear deafening.

Daniel shot him a grimaced look but he simply shrugged.

"What,music doesn't kill. Besides,this good news of yours calls for celebration." 

Daniel laughed wriggling his head at Idris's words.



"Gray..." Zoey called as she entered his bedroom where he was busy with his magazine. She stood by the door step waiting for him to answer but he didn't bother at all.

"I have something to tell you." She mentioned. Only then did he drop his magazine giving an icy stare. She let out a brief sigh before speaking again.

"I'll be moving to Paris for some months. I have a magazine to to feature in." 

He simply hissed. "I don't give a shit about wherever you go." He straightened his magazine.

She nodded and was about to leave when he spoke up again.

"I have something to tell you too." Said Gray. He shot a piercing look. "I want you to leave this house." 

"What?!" She retorted with a surprising look. Did she just hear him well? Or didn't he know what he just said?.

"You heard me right. I'm tired of your presence in this house. Besides,we're not married yet so I see no reason why we should live together." He answered nonchalantly. Was he so cold that he doesn't realize how aching his words were to her.

"You're tired of my presence...." She mumbled trying hard enough to hold her tears. 

"Are you breaking up with me?" She asked with a burdened countenance. She could feel the tension building up around her.

She wasn't even sure if her heart was ready to hear the ugly truth. She loves him,too much that it would certainly break her emotionally if he ended their bittersweet relationship.

"I've broken up with you a long time ago Zoey. It is you that have failed to realize that." He retorted in an harshly tone. Never minding the fact how much weight his words carried or that she was so broken after hearing his heart wrenching words.

Zoey didn't know when her legs failed to hold her. All she was conscious of was that she fell to her knees with tears streaming down her face. The burning sensation of pain that surfaced in her chest made her slip to the marble floor while she cried silently. But none of this bothered Gray. Instead he stepped outside the room slamming the door shut behind her.


Dressed in a casual cream shirt designed with orbital floral patterns and a brown pair of fitting trousers,he drove his Porsche with an astonishing speed on the streets of New York. He had a sweet smile on his face in tune with the music he played. He was finally free from Zoey Johansson,all that is left is for her to break the stupid alliance her family shared with his. Although a part of him felt greatly disturbed about Zoey's condition, a part that still loves her but he didn't want to bother. There are many more issues,tough times ahead of him to deal with. He's found love somewhere else,even though it's forbidden.

And after several minutes of driving he finally reached his destination. A coffee shop  where he would be meeting his fiance,Lizzy Watson. Zoey's best friend.

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