Chapter 10


"Good work everyone,good work!" Daniel watched in admiration as Director Louis cheered. He walked about showing appreciations and showering praises on the crew and Models for their efforts. It was quite a reliever for Daniel too as today marks shooting an end of a major scene. It's been several months they've been preparing this project owned under Elle magazines and he was at least glad he achieved two things;he didn't disappoint his boss and he made a friend. Zoey.

As her thoughts crossed his mind he took a glimpse of the beauty smiling happily amidst her fellow casts obviously commending each other's efforts. Ever since that day which occurred months ago, they've grown to become fond of each other. A smile played on his face when he remembered Zoey's consistent promise to return his cardigan she borrowed a night out for coffee which she failed at horribly. He'd insisted on her keeping it but she was persistent too yet this cardigan
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