Chapter 11


Apart from the sweet aroma that filled the air in the kitchen,her phone's constant vibration and pitching ringtone kept disturbing their little moments together. Though Daniel might not have shown it but she was certain he was getting really uncomfortable with her phone buzzing,hence she switched it off. Deciding on answering complementary greetings later.

  She watched in admiration as he hummed to the classic music that blared from the parlour while he handled the Jollof rice. Passionately turning the elegant delicacy garnished with fine carrots and peas uniquely displaying their bright colours with that of the food's redness. He danced stylishly to the other cooker. There was a sleek black frying pan on the gentle blue fire

brimming from the cooker. She watched in wonder as he flipped the plantains with his large sleek spoon frying amidst the hot oil to it's other side in order to stop it from burning.

"You just wan

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