Chapter 16


  On a normal day,he usually would have woken up from his phone alarm or from tension of the day's work ahead but today,this day, was different.

  There was a tiny smile on his face,memories of last night replaying in his head. His eyes gently awoke from it's slumber and his senses were briskly greeted by her enticing scent. Her tousled Golden brown hair tingling against his chin and her warm breaths landing on his chest. His smile deepened,memories of their passionate sex playing again. He tilted his head slightly to get a perfect view of her face.

  There she was,sleeping ever graceful in his embrace. Beneath the blanket,her legs were intertwined with his and her arms wrapped around his waist. If he didn't look closely he wouldn't have noticed the cheeriness displayed on her face.

His eyes darted across the room. Her room. Beautiful and simple although it wasn't muc

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