Chapter 91: Lilli POV

“Very well. Drake I formally accept your request to marry my daughter and once Lilliana resumes her duties you will accompany her to enable you to learn how you can best support her. Rex and Tony are to become your personal security detail and I hope that this will prove to be a much more harmonious arrangement.”

I cannot help but laugh at the last part and from his smile I can see my father sees the funny side too.

“Thank you, father. I promise to make you proud.”

“I know you will Lilliana, that is all I wanted to discuss with you all for now, you may do whatever you wish from here until things are settled once more.”

At my father’s dismissal we leave the parlour and Tony hands Jacob back to me. I decide to go to my room, so I lead Drake and the others upstairs. Upon entering my room, I can tell immediately that it’s been kept clean and just as I left it, which is both a relief and a little sad, knowing that they believed me dead.

“Here, I will take the little lad to our room and we
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This chapter ends with the line “he is my forever... “ but there is a small continuation after the strange gibberish - apologies if it disrupts anyone from enjoying the end of the book
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Please ignore the gibberish here it is an error with the website that only shows on the app and I cannot seem to figure out how to get rid of it

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