Chapter 2052

Isabelle snuggled in Cedar’s arms and had a heart-to-heart talk with him.

Raphael rushed home and finally arrived when it was almost nighttime. When he opened the door to Cedar’s room, the first thing he saw was Isabelle curled up in Cedar’s arms like a tiny kitten while Cedar read his book.

Based on Raphael’s experience, he was sure that Cedar’s focus was not on the book at all.

Jade used to snuggle like that in his arms too. At that time, all he had in his mind was the woman in his arms. How could he be bothered to read the book?

“Lil Lion, what if Mother accidentally saw you like that?”

Isabelle did not mind at all and said, “Mom knows already.”

“No wonder you’re so brave!” gasped Raphael.

Raphael continued with an envious look, “Lil Lion, that means Mom and Dad gave their approval to you both. Meanwhile, things still aren’t working out for Sis Jade and me.”

“Brother, are you not going to find Sis Jade and beg her to reconcile with you?”

Raphael asked Cedar, “Brother Cedar
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